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    10 takeaways from Sabres development camp

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    10 takeaways from Sabres development camp

    1. The attendances weren’t enormous on normal practice days. Only half of the arena was accessible to fans, and even that side didn’t fill up. Everyone had a good view and it didn’t feel awkwardly empty like it would have at First Niagara Center. The only hitch each year will be the scrimmage, but the $20 price tag limited interest.

    2. He’s heading back to Sweden for the rest of the summer to prepare for training camp.

    3. The two were among the few players at camp that have a shot at playing for the Sabres this season. Carrier was never afraid to use his body, while Baptiste used dominant power moves on zone entries and usually was well positioned for scoring jerseys

    4. The 21 year old was clearly the most physically developed player at camp. He played eight games with the Sabres in 2015 ’16, but should get a longer look in his second professional season.

    5. He has strong hands and is a good skater, but at 160 pounds he clearly needs to put on some weight to make it to the professional level.

    6. Sabres prospects did shortdrills, including skating from the boards while attached to a bungee cord and skating with a parachute behind them. It was very hard to glean anything about the prospects from that day. Since the Sabres don’t give fans a heads up, people can leave feeling like they wasted their time watchingto a display of drills instead of going to a practice where there is more open ice skating.

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