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Our Team

To meet varied client needs, our web design and development company has a team of professionals that understands virtually every web designing and development requirement. Our team of talented and experienced web developers are proficient in all aspects of web designing from simple web designing to complex enterprise-level solutions that meets the requirements of all businesses.

Many times, web designing is misunderstood for simply creating good looking web pages, however, a very high level of expertise is required to achieve functional web design. This is where our strength lies. The team at our web design and development company creates practical and stunning websites that are a mix of eye-catching designs and the latest technology.

Team Introduction
  • 1
    Sanjay Idhatiya
    Opensource Superhero
    Born programmer who loves to solve problems especially of Joomla, WordPress
    Crazy about movies & music.
  • 1
    Bhavik Mehta
    CMS Rockstar
    Awesome batsman in CMS
    Play and Watch cricket and Play poker
  • 1
    Arpit Patel
    Gem of Open Source Team
    loves coding open source stuff, Geek in Theme Integration
    Mumma’s boy, believe in quality work, love traveling, music
  • 1
    Hannan Munshi
    Driver of Coding Train
    PHP MVC Developer, Loves to reverse-engineer.
    Knowledge hungry,gadget lover, loves to socialize
  • 1
    Pratik Mendapara
    Doctor of Websites (M.B.B.S – OpenSource, M.D. – PHP)
    Love to give pill of best quality coding to website and make them alive.
    someone who is trustworthy, Loves Surfing ,Traveling, Music
  • 1
    Rajnish Savaliya
    Jquery Expert
    PHP – MVC Web Coder, Expert in CodeIgniter & Jquery Animation
    Shayar, Stand alone Comedian guy who loves pizza.
  • 1
    Aakash Kumar Budholia
    Passionate MVC developer
    Fast solution finder.
    Loves to play and view cricket.
  • 1
    Fali Goghawala
    MVC Enthusiast
    Like to develop innovative applications & enhancing newer versions of .Net MVC.
    Love to Travel, Fun Loving and FOODIE. Life is not a race so I LIKE TO ENJOY.
  • 1
    Hardik Solanki
    DNN Lover
    Quick learner, Dot Net Nuke and .Net fan
    Loves watching and playing cricket, music, biking and photography
  • 1
    Milind Patel
    .Net Biker
    Having good Grasping power & a passionate coder.
    Fun Loving, adventurous, like to enjoy every bit of life.
  • 1
    Rakesh Patel
    Pilot of Nop Commerce exclusive Flight
    Multi-Tasker, Obssesive lover of NopCommerce.
  • 1
    Sameer Shah
    Design planner with an aesthetic sense.
    Create own visual style let it be unique for own self and yet identifiable for others.
    Loves to learn new thing. Design is my passion and loves to traveling.
  • 1
    Sourabh Shrivastava
    Rising HTML5/CSS3/Responsive HTML star
    Love doing all facets of design, and result-oriented.
    Positive attitude towards challenges, love photography,music,movies.
  • 1
    Sahim Guda
    Bug Wrangler
    Very smart and energetic. Love to make software bug free.
    Love watching cricket and eating Gujarati food.
  • 1
    Ravi Patel
    An SEO Rockstar
    Fight with Search Engines for Better Results
    I love Hanging Out With Friends
  • 1
    Kaushal Patel
    A Deep Diver in Website Marketing
    Bring targeted customers on website by killing Google Panda and Penguin
    Family Lover. Calm & Cool. Like to read in free time.
  • 1
    Ritesh Dabhi
    James bond in Networking
    Solving Problem in quick time.
    love to play football ,chess, listen song and is adventurous.
  • 1
    Shital Rao
    The Wall
    Play long innings with consistent performance and taking new challenges.
    Love to enjoy my life with quality time spent with family & Friends.
  • 1
    Amit Bajpai
    Opportunity Grabber
    Business in mind always, responsible for new business & client relations.
    Loves eating , reading entrepreneur’s and motivational articles.
  • 1
    Deepal Mehta
    Milestone setter
    Bridge connecting sales & technical, ensures on time delivery with quality yielding 100% client satisfaction.
    Love doing photography. Travel freak. Love Food
  • Mr.Ashish Shah
    Entrepreneur by religion, Leadership begins with him
    A biking enthusiastic and loves to take on adventures.
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