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    WordPress 4.7.3 Security and Maintenance Release Notes

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    A recent security update has been released by regarding website security protocols. The security has been termed as “WordPress 4.7.3 Security and Maintenance Release”. strongly recommends its users to update this version of the security in the respective websites.

    The functionalities of the security update are as follows:

    Cross site scripting (XSS) via media file

    This update is very crucial since hackers use this script to extract all the password vulnerabilities by passing the access controls of the websites, such as origin policy. The breach can result in missing information from the website or may be a total website shut down.

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) via taxonomy term names

    This security update will control the hackers to use common internet protocol taxonomies or related terminology which are usually used to infringe the security rules of the websites.

    Cross-site scripting (XSS) via video URL in YouTube embeds

    Embedded contents in youtube often infringed by using the share/ like or comment section. The virus thus attacks the site through such embedded contents and will automatically route to the Trojan content files.  This security update will prevent the hacker from such breach.

    Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) in Press

    This update leads to excessive use of server resources. This helps the administrators to restrict use of the unwanted website space by the users.

    Control characters can trick redirect URL validation

    This update will enable the user to migrate to different URL and can gather more information, restricting this URL redirection can result to confinement of the website to limited users.

    Unintended files can be deleted by administrators using the plug-in deletion functionality

    This update is crucial from the administrator’s point of view. This will enable to keep the website clean and free from unwanted cookies that get added during transaction and surfing.

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    How to Hire Best Magento Developers for Successful Ecommerce Store

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    Magento is the most promising platform for e-commerce that has a number of features and functionalities nightmares on other counter platforms. The more complex Magento will be the richer would be the application. A well versed and expert Magento Developer is the ideal professional who could guide you in the right way in achieving the best online presence than your rival. With the advancement in every field, there are numerous themes and templates available online these days to create your e-commerce store, but it is only possible when you hire Magento developer for your store, to create the best-customized design for your e-commerce site.

    Compared with rivals like Open Cart and Shopify, Magento has endless options for your e-commerce store like user capabilities, customization, and modifications, shipment automation, product types, upsell, coupons, Gift Codes and much more. With possibilities come complexities as well. It is as easy for a good developer as tough for a layman to create wonders to your e-commerce store with Magento. Wiser it would be if you hire Magento programmer right away for your online business. When you are looking for Magento experts for hire in the United States here is how you can easily invest on a suitable one for your business.

    How to Hire Best Magento Developers for Successful Ecommerce Store

    Understand your requirements

    Just before you plan to hire Magento Expert for your e-commerce store, first you have to evaluate what you want from Magento developer. If you are a start-up business and wish to create a brand new Magento store for you, then a team or Magento individual with good experience could only serve your purpose. If you already have an E-commerce store and wish to upgrade to Magento, in such cases only a highly seasoned developer can help in the transition.

    Get References from Users

    As hiring a Magento Developer is a real tough job, you must be very clear about everything regarding it. Getting a reference for best Magento developer and teams is a wiser step towards hiring magento experts for your E-commerce site. Ask for a recommendation from trusted colleagues.

    Look for certified developers

    Hiring a good & expert Magento Programmer involves quite a good budget. So, you should be very particular while hiring one for you and look only for those developers who are certified under The Magento Corporation. The Magento Corporation operates online courses from time to time to certify developers.

    For Varied Services Hire a Team or Agency

    Magento development now encompasses a variety of aspects of E-commerce like business logic, PHP programming, drop shipping, design & implementation, content marketing, Usability and much more. There could be no single developer who has the capability in all these aspects. If anybody claims to so then be super cautious before hiring.

    Hire for Long Term Relationships

    Though mistaken by many, online stores and e-commerce sites are not a static structure, working on its own. If built with expertise, sometimes these processes even run automatically that does not require much interference on the programmer front. The sites may also fall ill, attacked by viruses, by hostile hackers or simply stop functioning well. Keep in mind that hiring a new developer every time will involve difficulties so hiring a developer for the long term would prove beneficial in such circumstances.

    Currently, Magento ranks as the largest open source E-commerce platform. As per the Magento Website, every single business out of a range of 4 uses Magento as their preferred e-commerce platform. It is world’s #1 ecommerce platform.

    So, hiring the perfect programmer for your e-commerce site is the first step to take you to the success in the years to come. Stop wondering and contact NCode Technologies, Inc with your requirement, you would get the best help for all your Magento Developing related queries.

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