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    How jQuery Selectors can make your process easy with quick response

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    jQuery is a very strong JavaScript library generally used for DOM manipulations. As the name suggests ‘Query’ you can query(traverse) the DOM and do the manipulations. jQuery is a very powerful JavaScript platform that brings DOM manipulations handy with just few lines of code. Though its just a wrapper to plain JavaScript but, undoubtedly it enhances its powers and gives flexibility and that too with a small snippet of code.

    JQuery mainly plays around using ‘selectors’. Selectors can be looked upon as a ‘query’ i.e. based on the selector it queries(selects) elements from the DOM and returns as jQuery object. It should be noted that, when matched elements are more than one then what is returned by jQuery is array of objects.

    I have filtered out some of the common though important selectors that you may find useful.You can find a complete list of selectors on official site of jQuery.

    Selects all the elemtns in DOM, returns array of jQuery objects.

    Will select elements which has ‘name’ attribute and its value is either equal to or starts with ‘value’ followed by (-)

    In this case jQuery will search for elements which has ‘name’ attribute and value of that attribute contains ‘value’ in it

    Will select elements which has ‘name’ attribute and its value is equal to ‘value’

    Will select all the elements with ‘class’ class.

    jQuery(“ancestor descendant”)
    One of the most powerful and useful selectors amongst all. This selects elements considering the specified hierarchy for e.g : jQuery(‘div label span’); will find all the ‘span’ elements that are in the specified hierarchy i.e. all the span elements that have label as their immediate parent and that label has a div as its immediate parent.

    This selector generally helps conflict less DOM element selection.

    Here is a link for your reference:

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    Why Joomla is Best CMS?

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    When you are thinking to developed your website, various platforms are there to developed your website. Platform is the most important factor to consider before developing your website. So don’t take it lightly. Joomla is an Award winning CMS (Content Management system) among various CMS’s. Do you every thought, why it is so much famous? Why it is BEST?

    Below is the 10 Major points which makes Joomla best and better:

    Open Source (FREE)

    The first and most important factor to choose joomla as platform for website is that it’s open source. It is totally FREE. There is no cost to download or to use this platform, that is why it is more famous and most downloaded CMS till yet. Joomla is FREE Content management system, open, and available to anyone under the GPL license.


    Joomla is one of the most faster CMS platform ever in comparison of all the CMS. Joomla content loads very much faster. If there are over 100k pageviews/day, everyday then it handles fine without any problem or any bug. Joomla have a power-full core features which makes it more faster.

    Simple Admin Interface

    Joomla’s user interface is very easy and simple to understand. Joomla administrator panel is very handy and friendly so that there is no need of any extra programming knowledge or anything. Any new user can login to the administrator panel and can view and access all the features that is provided by the Joomla.

    Secure (No Direct Access)

    Joomla provides such facility that user can not access any directory by giving just a URL on address bar. So all our data in Joomla are very secure and no one can access directly from the address bar.

    User Roles & Groups

    Joomla provides lot’s of user roles like Register user, author and many more. Joomla provides the facility of the making an user groups. With using a user group functionality user can make different kind of user groups and make their user filter via this user groups. There are various user groups types available like Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher etc.

    Extension’s Library

    Extension’s are the ready-made functionality which is acquire by just installing them. Joomla provides thousand’s of ready-made extension’s which can helps you to fulfill your requirement and functionality easily and in a very quick Time. You can extend Joomla’s functionality by using different kind of extensions.

    Which type of website we can develop in Joomla?

    With using the Joomla CMS we can develop many types of websites like simple & personal informational website, learning portal like school or college websites, government website, business websites, entertainment websites, news portal websites, ecommerce store, corporate website, property websites, jobs portal, recruitment websites etc.

    Easy to Install & Setup

    Joomla is a very much easy to install and setup. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes to install and configure on server. If you are not a regular user of server or you are not aware of the structure of website then there is no worry about it because server provides the facility to one click installation of the application. With one click installation you can install Joomla on your server within a few minutes.

    Best Forum Support Ever

    Joomla has a great forum support. There are thousands of peoples registered within Joomla Forums and share those queries and answers as well. With this kind of support, user can not suffer any issues for long time. Forum users are always activate and ready to reply your query within a few hours.

    Now With Full Responsive Capability

    Currently Joomla has released the new stable version 3.0 with fully Responsive functionality. Joomla admin panel also supports responsive layout, so that if user wants to manage their website via tablet or any smart phone, then there is no worry about how the admin looks. It will be fully compatible with all mobile devices.

    We hope all these points can be helpful to understand you why Joomla is Best CMS.

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