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    10 Easy Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Faster

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    There are many websites who realized very late that their load time was costing them business. You could avoid this from the very beginning and ensure that you consider all the below mentioned ways to create a much faster loading and performing WordPress Website Design. Once you have reputation of a slow site, then it is very difficult to change this perception in the minds of your customers who had a harrowing time when they visited you last!

    Step 1

    Using a CDN or a content delivery network is a good idea. It helps in increasing the loading time by offloading static resources from servers. This reduces the server load and makes your site load much faster. Two of the most popular options are MaxCDN and CloudFare.

    Step 2

    A good Caching Plug-in will drastically change your load time. Since your WordPress site is based on PHP; it’s natural for plenty of PHP calls to get executed at the time of loading which makes the whole process slower. The plug-in will store the files as HTML resulting in better load time. Although, there are many plug-ins that can do this job, choose one that offers all such as CDN caching support, database, page, object, browser etc.

    Step 3:

    Be careful with the type of images you have uploaded. The high resolution images look great on your website but can take ages to load. The solution is to use a good plug-in that will reduce the size of the file but there will be no compromise on quality.

    Step 4:

    Choose your host wisely. There are many hosting companies that can lure you with their cheap prices but you must understand that this may also mean more loading time. You may be often tempted by unlimited space offers but then the painfully slow loading time is sure to make you regret your decision. Often there is a lot of downtime too on bad hosts which is obviously quite damaging for your business.

    Step 5:

    Use a minimalistic design in your foot bar and your side bar. Very dense designs and cluttered up widgets will negatively affect the load time.

    Step 6:

    No Commenting! Yes, you may not want to turn off commenting as it lets you know how popular or not your site is, but then you are compromising on speed by having it on. So, there are more chances of your site being unpopular. Commenting system use very large scripts so it is easy to understand how it can affect you.

    Step 7:

    Ensure a tidy database. This will help your site to run smoothly. Often users will experiment with several plug-ins which can clutter up the database and slow the site. So clean up and optimize regularly for best results

    Step 8:

    Make sure your theme design is simple and clear. This advice may also seem very simple but it can be critical to your website’s speed. Using a simple theme during WordPress Development will ensure faster loading on all device including smart phones, PCs which will increase popularity and as a result traffic too.

    Step 9:

    Enable Compression. There are lot of plug-ins that can zip your files and increase loading speed by 70%!

    Step 10:

    Your homepage is the first thing that loads up so ensure that it has a clean and minimalist design.

    What are the Benefits of a Faster Website?

    Better profits: If you own an online store then even a second’s delay can cost you a sale! There are so many options on the Internet that the user does not have the patience to wait for your site to painfully load. He or she is ready to click away to another site the moment they are the least bit irritated with loading speed.

    A great experience: It is a known fact that when visitors have a comfortable experience with your site, they are likely to come back. They stay longer on the site too browsing and researching on all your products in greater depth. This means greater conversions and also repeat sales. Word spreads fast online and you are likely to be recommended to friends if you provide your visitor with a great browsing experience.

    Search engine optimization: You are virtually nonexistent on the web if you have poor ranking. The speed with your website loads is a very important criterion for all search engines especially the most important one, Google. Almost 4 years back, the search engine launched an algorithm that started filtering out fast loading sites.

    How to ensure that all the above steps and more have been implemented in your website?

    The answer to this very simple; hire the best WordPress Development Company to build your site. There are a handful of great developers and one name that stands out is They do not only have a reputation of setting up the fastest loading WordPress website but will also deliver you a well-designed one in the best turnaround time.

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    Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Joomla for your Web Designing

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    There are of course several other CMS in the market too that have some excellent features and capabilities but Joomla may be ideal for many for several reasons. Statistics show that almost 3% of all websites run on Joomla. The top 5 reasons for its popularity are mentioned below:

    1. The best ROI :
      1. It is open source software so there is no payment needed to use it. The only cost involved is in development.
      2. There are many who further cut their costs on development by outsourcing. You can do the same too, provided you are certain of the service quality of the outsourced company. Outsourcing from India is preferred by many today as it not only increases the ROI of a business but also ensures quality of design. It is no secret anymore that there are hundreds of western companies outsourcing their Joomla Development to Asian countries like India.
      3. Web design requires teamwork and if one were to use a paid software then each team member would need the software on their computers. This cost will obviously be transferred by the development companies to their clients. However, with free CMS like Joomla, this cost does not exist at all.
      4. There is another fact that Joomla is available on the loud so one need not even own a computer to design a website! This is ideal for individuals owning a small business and who prefer to use Joomla on their own to design a simple website.
    2. Makes Your Site extremely Search engine Friendly – the key to success on the internet is through a higher ranking on all the major search engines including of course Google. Joomla is the ideal software for search engine optimization. There are several extensions that can help your website to be better indexed and appear on relevant searches every time. In fact, there are more than 8000 extensions that means you have plenty of ways to make your website rank well. There are custom made extensions as well as ready to use ones. Although, it is quite simple to be used even by a novice; the most professional look will be obtained by only trained developer of Joomla.
    3. Ideal platform for large websites – if you have a huge business with a wide range of products and services, then it is natural for your website to have even a hundred pages. Joomla can help a business organize these pages such that they all work together as a whole.
    4. GUI control panel – It is easy to create a professional Joomla Website Design even by novices because of the highly convenient graphical user interface. There is absolutely no necessity of learning HTML, JS, PHP or any other coding language, although, it never hurts to pick up on some technical expertise in order to do a good job!
    5. Community support – there are over 200,000 community users of Joomla. Since it is an open source platforms, one can easily take help in any aspect of web designing that might be a little difficult. This huge community of users ensures that there is updating done every six months so that if there are any bugs, it can be fixed. However, if you do not feel confident in doing all these tasks yourself, then it is better to take the help of a professional Joomla Development

    Why Hire a Developer?

    This is a good question considering that developing and designing with Joomla can be done by novices too.

    Well, it may be noted that currently there are so many newer versions being released and so many extensions being developed by the huge community of users that it is impossible for a novice to keep track. A professional company on the other hand can easily identify great extensions from average or worthless ones!

    Does Joomla have any drawbacks?

    In the past, the CMS did have trouble in controlling the appearance of the website but all that has changed now with newer versions. The only drawback that can be noticed now is that there are very few companies that have well trained experts in Joomla. One company that has become quite the favorite for Joomla web development is

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