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    HTML5 Development For Web, Mobile Apps With Advance Profit

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    For those individuals, who are planning to develop robust websites, HTML has become the language of choice. Not only is it because of its simplicity but also because of the fact that it helps reduce the cost of development.

    HTML, hypertext markup language, has been one of the most used languages for developing robust websites. HTML coding has been considered as the most vital part of a website development process by the programmers.

    html5 developmentNowadays, there has been a new trend in mobile technologies with newer and better applications at the disposal of people. A mobile application is similar to a web page that is compatible with any operating system. Developing mobile applications that function smoothly and interest the audience is the need of the hour today. Here is why using HTML5 is the best possible option for mobile apps:

    1. HTML5 development is relatively cheaper as compared to native apps. A separate new app is created for each mobile and operating system by the native app coders, which makes it costly as well as difficult to use. Also, these days operating systems such as Android constantly upgrades itself, so running the apps becomes a problem if coding is done through native apps. HTML5 developed apps can run on various platforms and devices. A top HTML5 development company can manage to use the versatility of the language.
    2. Using HTML5, the tedious task of testing the app on the different devices is eliminated. The app can be developed depending on the size of the mobile screen and the screen resolution. So one effort of app development can be run across multiple platforms and operating systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and others.
    3. The cost of development is reduced by a big margin. For any company to generate profits, lowering the input cost is one option. Development of an app using HTML5 would require lesser resources and the speed of the process is increased, saving the companies a lot of time and money.
    4. Thanks to the offline application cache, even when the network is disconnected, users can access the HTTP cache.

    Undoubtedly, HTML5 is the technology of the future. Hence, it is of paramount importance that one should hire HTML5 developer who is acquainted with the nuances of the technology. Offshore HTML5 development India companies are proficient with app development. Make sure the following points are kept in mind:

    1. The experience of the developer matters. How many years of experience does the developer have? Accordingly the programmer can be hired on full-time, part-time or one-time basis.
    2. Check the past work of the developer. Assess his understanding of HTML5 cross-browser compatibility feature. Interview him and see whether he has sound technical skill-sets to match the standards of the company.

    HTML5 development companies in India have experienced and talented professionals who know the HTML5 technology in and out. They have a pool of individuals who strive to create efficient mobile apps that open up a world of opportunities for the company.

    Developing apps through HTML5 is easy. The functionality and reliability of HTML5 are highly commendable and this is the reason why it is the leading solution for mobile app development. Consider using the services of a HTML5 development company to build robust and secure mobile applications.

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    Hire a Web Design Company to Create a Compelling ‘Coming Soon’ Page

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    When you are coming up with a website, there are various other things that are associated with it that you need to consider.  Your website is not an individual entity but a platform through which you can market yourself.  It is, therefore, that you have to look at each element of it as a strategy that can have long term effects.

    Consider the case of a ‘Coming Soon’ page.  Now, what is this page about?  What all does it have to offer?  If you delve into the past, you would realize that people never thought of such pages.  One day you go to a URL and there would be nothing and the next day you will find a great looking website there.  While that worked for them then, marketing, today, has found a new dimension.  You can’t just get into the thick of things instantly.  You have to gradually get into the thought process of your prospects and that you can do through the ‘Coming Soon’ page which can work as a part of your teaser campaign.

    You can ask your website design company to help you out with this facet of your website.  Following are a few tips that can help:

    Amaze Them:

    When you were getting your custom website design done, what did you say to your designer?  You said “make something that is amazing”.  The same is the case with the ‘Coming Soon’ page too.  You have to amaze the viewers.  Do keep in mind that it is a part of the teaser campaign and it should, hence, have something that builds curiosity.

    Tell Them:

    The next step is to tell them what’s coming.  However, you cannot tell them the entire story because there are two drawbacks to this strategy.  The first is that it becomes too long and boring.  Secondly, when you tell them everything; the curiosity for the website diminishes.  You have to carefully tell them just those points about the upcoming website that you think will intrigue them.

    Give A Countdown:

    When you tell them exactly when the final website would be ready, you build on the excitement of the same.  You can ask your associated web development company to come up with an appealing countdown meter.  What you should note, though, is that when you give the countdown, you leave no room for delay in your project.  It has to be launched when it’s promised.

    Therefore, this way you can develop followers for your website who would keenly be following the turn of events and would be awaiting the launch of your website.  What better than having visitors even before the website is launched?

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