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    Hire a Web Design Company to Create a Compelling ‘Coming Soon’ Page

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    When you are coming up with a website, there are various other things that are associated with it that you need to consider.  Your website is not an individual entity but a platform through which you can market yourself.  It is, therefore, that you have to look at each element of it as a strategy that can have long term effects.

    Consider the case of a ‘Coming Soon’ page.  Now, what is this page about?  What all does it have to offer?  If you delve into the past, you would realize that people never thought of such pages.  One day you go to a URL and there would be nothing and the next day you will find a great looking website there.  While that worked for them then, marketing, today, has found a new dimension.  You can’t just get into the thick of things instantly.  You have to gradually get into the thought process of your prospects and that you can do through the ‘Coming Soon’ page which can work as a part of your teaser campaign.

    You can ask your website design company to help you out with this facet of your website.  Following are a few tips that can help:

    Amaze Them:

    When you were getting your custom website design done, what did you say to your designer?  You said “make something that is amazing”.  The same is the case with the ‘Coming Soon’ page too.  You have to amaze the viewers.  Do keep in mind that it is a part of the teaser campaign and it should, hence, have something that builds curiosity.

    Tell Them:

    The next step is to tell them what’s coming.  However, you cannot tell them the entire story because there are two drawbacks to this strategy.  The first is that it becomes too long and boring.  Secondly, when you tell them everything; the curiosity for the website diminishes.  You have to carefully tell them just those points about the upcoming website that you think will intrigue them.

    Give A Countdown:

    When you tell them exactly when the final website would be ready, you build on the excitement of the same.  You can ask your associated web development company to come up with an appealing countdown meter.  What you should note, though, is that when you give the countdown, you leave no room for delay in your project.  It has to be launched when it’s promised.

    Therefore, this way you can develop followers for your website who would keenly be following the turn of events and would be awaiting the launch of your website.  What better than having visitors even before the website is launched?

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    Complement High Quality WordPress Development with Automatic Upgrades

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    WordPress, over a period of time, has turned into a content management system of choice.  Many designers, developers and even users desire their websites to be in WordPress so that they can make the most of it.

    One of the most intriguing features of WordPress is the fact that you could manage your website by yourself.  Once, the WordPress development has been consummated, you wouldn’t require the help of any expert and the entire thing could be done by you.  However, there is one element with which most of the people struggle and that is upgrading their WordPress.

    While they understand that such upgrade is necessary to enhance their site’s security and functionality, they somehow do not find it simple enough to go through the entire process.

    One of our friends once quoted “I always hire WordPress developer to get my WordPress upgraded.  People tell me it’s a simple process but I never got a hang of it.”

    If you are among those people who wish to operate your WordPress site without any assistance, here are a few tips through which you can upgrade your WordPress by yourself.  Please note that this is the automatic way of upgrading your WordPress.  We can speak about the manual method some other time:

    1. Log into your blog with your WordPress User Name and Password.
    2. Go to your dashboard and look for the ‘Update’ section.  You can hit on the ‘Update’ button and you will be instructed about the existing version of your WordPress and the new version/s that you can update to.
    3. One might also receive pop ups about impending updates on one’s home screen.  Therefore, WordPress can also be updated by clicking on these pop ups.
    4. You will be suggested to check for the requirements of the new version and ensure that you have all of it in place.
    5. Finally, WordPress shall ask you for your connection information which you can provide and proceed.
    6. This completes the process. You can simply now enable your plugins and you are ready to go.

    While this process is very simple, there are certain things that you should be careful about.  Firstly, you should make certain that you are using the right version of PHP and MySQL.  Secondly, you should also make it a point to take back up of your data so that you do not lose any of it.  Finally, it is valuable to check whether your existing themes and plugins are compatible with the recent version.

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