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    Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Joomla for your Web Designing

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    There are of course several other CMS in the market too that have some excellent features and capabilities but Joomla may be ideal for many for several reasons. Statistics show that almost 3% of all websites run on Joomla. The top 5 reasons for its popularity are mentioned below:

    1. The best ROI :
      1. It is open source software so there is no payment needed to use it. The only cost involved is in development.
      2. There are many who further cut their costs on development by outsourcing. You can do the same too, provided you are certain of the service quality of the outsourced company. Outsourcing from India is preferred by many today as it not only increases the ROI of a business but also ensures quality of design. It is no secret anymore that there are hundreds of western companies outsourcing their Joomla Development to Asian countries like India.
      3. Web design requires teamwork and if one were to use a paid software then each team member would need the software on their computers. This cost will obviously be transferred by the development companies to their clients. However, with free CMS like Joomla, this cost does not exist at all.
      4. There is another fact that Joomla is available on the loud so one need not even own a computer to design a website! This is ideal for individuals owning a small business and who prefer to use Joomla on their own to design a simple website.
    2. Makes Your Site extremely Search engine Friendly – the key to success on the internet is through a higher ranking on all the major search engines including of course Google. Joomla is the ideal software for search engine optimization. There are several extensions that can help your website to be better indexed and appear on relevant searches every time. In fact, there are more than 8000 extensions that means you have plenty of ways to make your website rank well. There are custom made extensions as well as ready to use ones. Although, it is quite simple to be used even by a novice; the most professional look will be obtained by only trained developer of Joomla.
    3. Ideal platform for large websites – if you have a huge business with a wide range of products and services, then it is natural for your website to have even a hundred pages. Joomla can help a business organize these pages such that they all work together as a whole.
    4. GUI control panel – It is easy to create a professional Joomla Website Design even by novices because of the highly convenient graphical user interface. There is absolutely no necessity of learning HTML, JS, PHP or any other coding language, although, it never hurts to pick up on some technical expertise in order to do a good job!
    5. Community support – there are over 200,000 community users of Joomla. Since it is an open source platforms, one can easily take help in any aspect of web designing that might be a little difficult. This huge community of users ensures that there is updating done every six months so that if there are any bugs, it can be fixed. However, if you do not feel confident in doing all these tasks yourself, then it is better to take the help of a professional Joomla Development

    Why Hire a Developer?

    This is a good question considering that developing and designing with Joomla can be done by novices too.

    Well, it may be noted that currently there are so many newer versions being released and so many extensions being developed by the huge community of users that it is impossible for a novice to keep track. A professional company on the other hand can easily identify great extensions from average or worthless ones!

    Does Joomla have any drawbacks?

    In the past, the CMS did have trouble in controlling the appearance of the website but all that has changed now with newer versions. The only drawback that can be noticed now is that there are very few companies that have well trained experts in Joomla. One company that has become quite the favorite for Joomla web development is

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    App vs. Website War goes Mobile!

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    Revolutionary products like Smartphone’s and Tablets have changed the dimensions of technology with an adventurous roller-coaster ride ahead for businesses. Apps or applications have helped organizations to reach out to millions through a single platform. Virtual web-world war has extended its wings to the mobile world, earlier phones were considered to be just a mode of calls. Mobile applications have metamorphosed communication.

    Mobile app development and website development both are two different variants of the same thing- DEVELOPMENT! Where a mobile application is faster, highly responsive and interactive, easily integrated with all features of the phone. Mobile apps targets specific limitations and abilities of each individual device and adapts, it also requires acceptance from the web-store and needs approval to be present online. Vastly popular apps have replaced browser based websites by more than 30 minutes a day!

    Mobile websites is basically a one-stop solution; small to medium businesses looking for an economically viable solution can count on it. Enhances and improves user experience by having highly engaging content, brand identity, faster download speed which also assists in overall SEO performance. It provides businesses the competitive edge along with portability, seamless connectivity, and integration with offline media, highly flexible and cost effective than app development. Improvises the advertising opportunities further creating an earning venture for small businesses.

    Mobile app might be a costlier option when compared to mobile website. Mobile apps are highly responsive and very quick when compared to websites which require heavy data from internet. Native apps can also work offline without the use of internet and sync up when you are able to connect. Native apps uses technology like camera, GPS, swipe and even multi-touch capability. Basically mobile apps are build with a singular objective in mind, they always have a target audience which they can focus like sales app, marketing app, which reflects quality. Mobile websites on other hand has the whole website, which might be focusing on several factors at the same time. Layouts are simpler in mobile apps when compared to websites which ultimately decreases the loading time.

    When cost is the priority, mobile websites suffice the task. Mobile websites are synonymous and a package of all web items to be displayed in a single location, hence user has to search by URL and browse through. Whereas mobile apps are expensive as they are uniquely designed as per platform and addresses single solution. Ongoing support and maintenance can easily allow mobile app to be upgraded along with the changing technology.

    Businesses can take the final call based on their budgetary situations, mobile websites are highly preferable in-case you wish to acquire and build a huge base of customers, ROI and stay ahead of the competition.

    Speaking metaphorically, mobile revolution has truly broken the sound-barrier and plunged into the web-world warfare with new weapons of apps and websites to choose from. Get-set-go ahead with your chosen weapon and fight out the virtual war!

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