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    Ecommerce Technologies That Are Redefining the Industry

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    SUMMARY: Various ecommerce developers and site owners fall into the trap of not choosing the right technology to power their online store. This post is, hence, focused on bringing forth a list of some ecommerce technologies, which can make your site appealing, feature-rich and functionally superior.

    Ecommerce has, over a period of time, gone through a significant metamorphosis. When it started off, none of us could have envisaged the kind of transformation it will bring about in the way products/services are sold and bought. Today, an increasing number of retailers are coming to believe that sans a solid ecommerce website, they haven’t got a secured future. Moreover, given the fact that this online platform erases the distinction between small and large players, it gives all of them a level playing field, which in turn converts into more options for the customers.

    In the recent times, we have noticed that ecommerce website development has emerged even further. Newer concepts and trends have made their way into the market place, and those retailers who have adopted them have managed to have an edge over the others. If my knowledge is anything to go by, I will suggest that you invest in mobile, video content, social advertising and digital couponing to ensure that you are in sync with the times.

    Alongside, what has made ecommerce more powerful and feature-rich has been the technology that has driven its existence since the outset. In this post, I endeavor to speak about those ecommerce technologies that will augment your online existence. We will encompass, in our discussion, certain impressive web applications and storefront software tools.

    MAGENTO: It is difficult to discuss about ecommerce without making a mention of Magento. Launched in the year 2008, this is an open source ecommerce web application. Some of the renowned brands, in the industry, make use of this application and have been using its powerful features since some years now. According to the official website of Magento, there are over 150,000 businesses which make are currently making use of this tool.

    Why Special: Here are some reasons why I believe that Magento should be a part of this list:

    • Large Community: Firstly, there is a large community of Hire Magento developers.  It could be really helpful to you if you are just starting off or are stuck at a point.
    • Moving with Times: It has been realized that there are regular additions to built-in features and extensions.  This ensures that the technology that you for your ecommerce website development use is the most modern.
    • Cost-Effective: With the global economy being uncertain, cost savings can happen to be a great respite.  That is what Magento offers by being an open source applications.
    • Flexibility: The future lies for those developers who will employ innovation in their work.  However, to come up with unique concepts, you need the software to be flexible, and that is what Magento is.

    CS.CART: This one is a standalone software, which has received interest of the developers because of the fact that it is extremely easy to use. This software program has four independent editions, which are all designed in a way that they can fit into various website requirements.

    Why Special: Here are certain aspects of CS.Cart which make it special:

    • All-in-One: Firstly, it is an all-in-one ecommerce software which makes it simple for you to get all those things that you require at the time of ecommerce development.
    • Community: The community of CS.Cart is on a rise, and this shall be helpful to you during the time of development.
    • Help Desk: The support team of the company is highly professional, and shall help you in getting answers to all your queries.

    BIGCOMMERCE: An ecommerce platform which has been gaining ‘Big’ popularity is BigCommerce. Many even believe that it is the best software solution, available for Ecommerce Stores.

    Why Special: So, why do I believe that BigCommerce is special? Here are some reasons for the same:

    • Marketing: This ecommerce platform provides a built-in marketing tool which makes it easier for you to reach out to your audience.
    • Varied Features: There are over 100 features that you can access with BigCommerce, and they can all be had without any cost implication.
    • Customization: It is extremely simple to customize your products, and present them in the way you prefer.
    • Security: The security structures of BigCommerce are stringent. Given the security concerns of the twenty first century, such initiative can go a long way.

    X-CART: Here’s about a shopping cart software, which has made a mark for itself because of its large number of extensions. Moreover, there are various others reasons that make it popular.

    Why Special: Here’s why X-Cart is special:

    • Extensions: As mentioned earlier, there are numerous extensions available with X-Cart
    • Designing: To make your store front look superior and professional, it has a large number of design templates.
    • Technical Support: Another feature worth noting about X-Cart is its strong technical support.

    This is not an exhaustive list, and there are few other ecommerce technologies that are quite efficient too. However, these, according to me, are few of the best technologies that can make an ecommerce store more powerful, flexible and successful.

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    Tips on How to Make Your Joomla Website More SEO Friendly

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    Joomla is one of the preferred content management systems due to its variety of features and flexibility that it offers different businesses. Joomla is genuine content management system and usually requires a Joomla expert to set it up for you. However, once Joomla development happens and your website is all set, you will be amazed at its usability. One of the things that you should pay close attention to when using Joomla website design is ensuring that your site is search engine optimized. This will ensure that your site ranks high on major search engines.

    Typically search engine optimization should be done during the Joomla website development stage. However, it is never too late to optimize your Joomla site. Here are some tips that will teach you how make your Joomla site more SEO-friendly.

    Title of Articles

    Make sure that you select your article titles carefully. They should contain the main keyword, so that search engine spiders can access them and rank your site high for the said keyword. Typically, SEO gurus will advise you to follow the latest trends when it comes to creating article titles. As these are the trends that are most commonly searched on search engines, so that chances are high that your article title will show up high in the results. However, choose your keywords prudently and ensure that you use them in the right context.

    Anchor Text

    Make sure that you use keywords in your anchor text and redirect it to your site. When you post your articles on authority sites and blogs, you will get quality inbound links to your Joomla website. As a result, it will help boost your search engine ranking.

    Quality of Content

    It goes without saying that you need to ensure high quality content on your site as well as when you publish on other sites. Quality content acts as link baiter and this helps you get more back links from high ranking and credible sites. As a result, you will have a better search engine ranking. Furthermore, quality content also means that you will provide valuable information to your website visitors and this will help you increase traffic to your site. Also, the visitors will spread the word about your website and content to their friends and acquaintances on social networking sites and this viral marketing will help you increase traffic without spending money or making an effort. Do not resort to keyword stuffing in your articles, as it will have the opposite effect and your search engine rankings will fall dramatically.

    Register Your Domain for a Longer Duration

    When you have a website, you will have to keep extending the registration of your domain name. It has been observed that the longer you extend the registration, the better it is for your website in terms of search engine ranking. It has been observed that spam sites do not register for long durations.

    Site Navigation

    A part of website development is adding several pages to your site. This helps to make your site more SEO-friendly. The more pages you add to your site, the better it will be for your search engine rankings. However, make sure that you also get the website development company to add a great and easy site navigation system to help visitors go from one page to the next. When you have more pages optimized for different keywords, each page will be ranked for the keyword and this will help different pages rank high on search engine results.

    Making your Joomla website SEO-friendly is not difficult, albeit a little time consuming. It is best to optimize your site for major search engines while your site is being designed and content is being added to it.

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