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    Reasons to Select Magento for E-Commerce Shopping Cart

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    Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions and the demand for it is growing continuously not just among website development companies, but also amongst e-commerce businesses. The main reason for this growing popularity is that Magento website design offers many advanced features that you will not find in other e-commerce shopping carts. It would not be wrong to say that since its launch in 2008, Magento has become the most sought-after e-commerce shopping cart.

    Here are some reasons why you should also consider Magento website development if you have a e-commerce site:

    Open Source Platform:

    Magneto is an open source platform, so it available free. Above all, it can be customized by developers to ensure that you create an e-commerce site as per your requirements. The platform comes with a payment processing plug-in, which is considered to be quite safe. It also has a safe and robust database. When your developers do Magento website design, you can ask them to improve the functionality of the platform to make your site more unique and innovative.

    Magento Extensions:

    Due to the open source nature of the platform, it is possible to create Magento-specific extensions to enhance functionality of the e-commerce platform. In addition, the platform comes with an extensive library of extensions. Some of these extensions are free of charge, while others have to be purchased.


    Magento comes with several templates, which can be used as a part of your Magento website development to customize your site as per your requirements. This not only helps to save time during the designing process, it also allows you to give a unique look to your e-commerce site.

    Full-fledged Payment Gateways and Delivery:

    One of the attractive features of Magento is that it is available as a proprietary as well as an open source platform. Hence, it can be easily integrated with most major payment gateways and delivery systems. You can customize the integration to ensure that you have a unique site.


    There is no limit to the number of products or services you place on your catalog. Also, the platform does not restrict the number of orders that customers can place. Hence, it is the ideal platform to use, as it can be scaled as your e-commerce site grows and expands. In addition, the platform comes with an advanced caching system allowing your e-commerce site to respond without needing hosting or associated infrastructure.

    Import and Export Tools:

    The platform comes with built-in import and export tools that you can use to migrate data from different platforms on to your Magento website. It also allows you to store your important data without worrying about safety and security.

    Using Magento e-commerce shopping cart offers maximum return on investment while ensuring that your site can be controlled and managed easily. Furthermore, the platform is geared towards expansion, so you can growth your site without worries.

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    PHP Web Development Comes With a Range of Advantages

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    Web development happens to be one of the most sought after industries today.  Companies, from varied industry domains, are working towards having a website which can communicate with their stake holders and customers.  Under such circumstances, all of them are looking for a web development company which can help them successfully pursue the aforementioned objective.  For all those who are involved in the field, PHP has been the scripting language of choice.  That has transpired due to a range of benefits that it brings along.  A proof of the same has been in the fact that PHP development in India is being pursued and promoted by the most acknowledged web developers.  In terms of the worldwide picture, there are more than twenty million websites which are being powered through PHP.

    Here is a brief account of all the benefits that one can explore by using PHP:

    Open Source: By indulging in PHP web development, you would considerably cut down on your overall cost.  This is because PHP is an open source scripting language, which means that you can avail it for free.

    Security: In the modern days, the security of your website or web applications is crucial.  PHP is highly stable and guarantees a secure interface.

    Ease of Use: Another reason why many developers indulge in PHP web development is because the final users find it extremely simple to work with.  Not only do you require almost no external plugins, the entire exercise could be executed in entirety by the server.  Now, this is some ease of utility.

    Support: Let us assume that you are a PHP development company in India and are facing certain issues while using the language.  In that case, you have a massive worldwide online forum that can offer you support.  Given the credentials of the people who form a part of this forum, you are quite certain to receive high quality support.

    Integration: Finally, PHP can be quite seamlessly integrated with various dynamic visual applications.  These include the likes of Flash and Ajax.  This is another benefit that any PHP website development would relish.

    Therefore, PHP development is embellished with benefits; it is just about how you manage to utilize them.

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