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    Why to choose Joomla as CMS?

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    In today’s world where time is money, the websites need to be built quickly. The first thing that strikes the mind as soon as we think of designing a website is the Content Management System. To accomplish this developers are turning towards open source CMS. With thousands of CMS available on the web the task of finding the right one is somewhat ordeal.

    What is CMS?

    Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that is used to manage the content of a website. The content can be text, music, photos, videos or anything you can imagine. The major advantage of CMS is no technical expertise or knowledge is required for managing the site.

    What is Joomla?

    When it comes to Content Management System design joomla has become a trendsetter. Joomla is an open source CMS written in PHP with MySQL as default database and uses OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) concept. It has won many awards since its inception and is one of the fastest growing open source CMS.

    Joomla enable you to develop a wide range of websites, ranging from simple to complex. Further it is a great platform for the creation of web portals and corporate applications. It can be used to manage each and every aspect of your website, be it adding content, updating product catalogue, online reservations or processing credit card payments. It lets you keep track of each and every piece of content on your website. Joomla has a huge community of friendly Joomla Developers, contributors and users across the world. The incredible features and vast amount of extensions makes it a cult.

    Features of Joomla:

    • Language manager, allows both users and administrator to translate the site in any language
    • The multi-user and multi-environment that joomla offers, allows different authors to easily upload their content anytime instead of waiting for programmers or designers.
    • It is easy to give multiple user authentications using joomla enabling number of people log on to the site simultaneously with the individual permissions granted.
    • Integrated help system
    • Flexible, ideal for blogs, portals, news sites, portals, e-commerce sites & more
    • SEO friendly
    • Weblink management
    • Absolutely Database driven site engines
    • Products, News and Services easily manageable
    • Create, publish, edit and reorder articles with just a click
    • Syndication, RSS, News feed Manager
    • Dynamic Forums/polls/voting for on the spot results
    • Customizable layouts and templates
    • Banner manager
    • Rash manager for your website
    • Archive manager for easy storage of old articles & stories
    • Email, print option for every article or story
    • Built-in WSIWYG content editor
    • SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL’s

    With these and many more features you will be amazed by the wonders that this CMS can do for your business or personal website. Joomla is not just a robust CMS but the real power of Joomla Development lies in its extensibility. I personally prefer joomla and would recommend it to anyone willing to extend their websites functionality, make it more interactive and user friendly.

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