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    Circle System Group Leads All Leagues In Turnaround For Damaged Athletic Gear

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    The company serves more than 3,000 Pop Warner league, high school, college and professional teams from New York to Florida, from Easton to Michigan.

    The Easton Midgets, University of Miami, New York Jets, Allentown School District, Muhlenberg College, Philadelphia Eagles and Lafayette College are just some of the athletic programs that employ Circle System.

    “We used to do the Colts before they moved to Indianapolis,” said Circle’s President Bill Homnick.

    Homnick would not release gross annual sales figures, but said there are about 25 companies in the nation that run a similar business.

    “Circle System is the second largest of all and the largest privately owned reconditioner in the country,” he said.

    Reconditioning football helmets is the “bread and butter” of the company, and more than 100,000 helmets pass through the facility each year.

    But a tour of the Easton plant shows the same attention to reconditioning detail is paid to athletic equipment from almost any sport one can think of: tennis nets, lacrosse helmets, catcher’s mitts, athletic shoes for any sport, wrestling and track uniforms, cheerleading outfits, hockey sticks.

    A name brand helmet could cost about $100 if purchased new. By having a helmet reconditioned, said Circle’s Vice President David Drill, “the savings would be about 70 80 percent, depending on what needs to be done, the brand name of the equipment and the last time the helmet was sent out to be reconditioned.”

    More than a cleaning operation, Circle is trusted by its customers to meet national safety standards when replacing parts in athletic equipment.

    For instance, if helmet padding or a face mask is replaced it is done to meet the criteria of the National Operating Committee On Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). doppelkinn entfernen As the name implies, NOCSAE’s purpose is to establish national safety standards for athletic equipment.

    “There are no universal parts and each manufacturer has its own,” Drill said. “In order for a manufacturer to stand by its guarantee, helmets have to be repaired with the manufacturer’s parts. When helmets are reconditioned and painted, they are recertified.”

    Circle is also the only reconditioner in the country to have a baseball helmet testing machine developed for NOCSAE by Wayne State University in Michigan.

    The company also has a football helmet testing machine developed by Wayne State. No helmets leave the facility unless they have a NOCSAE sticker.

    The company has quietly been one of the largest employers in Easton, Homnick said, adding that Circle’s work force of about 100 grows to about 130 when the summer help arrives.

    “But there are no layoffs,” Drill added the summer help is primarily made up of college students looking for a summer job. He said the plant operates with two shifts seven days a week. “During the football season, the plant operates 24 hours per day,” Drill said.

    Circle System moved to its current location from Wilson 10 years ago in March. Since then, the company has experienced continued growth, adding more than 2,000 customers.

    “We’ve grown from reconditioning about 11,000 helmets per year to over 100,000 helmets per year in the last 10 years,” Homnick said.

    Homnick and Drill attribute Circle’s continued growth to service. Besides feeling that Circle does an overall better job of reconditioning, they say service consciousness and quality are the things that set the company apart from other reconditioners.

    According to Homnick, Circle is the only reconditioner in the areas it serves that picks up and delivers, using its own fleet of vans and trucks.

    For instance, during the football season, a Circle vehicle is at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia at the end of an Eagles game on Sunday to bring the game jerseys and pants to Easton.

    At the plant, they are cleaned and reconditioned. If a jersey has a ripped sleeve or if game pants have a hole in them, the needed repairs are done and the equipment is delivered back to the team by Wednesday.

    This constitutes the weekly service for the Eagles. At the end of the football season is when helmets, shoulder pads, cleats and other items are given the full reconditioning treatment all done during the baseball season.

    Besides a sound relationship with its customers, Circle also has a good relationship with the city of Easton, said Homnick. Local companies are used to acquire supplies when possible and Circle has even helped another local company attract business.

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