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    Notre Dame delivers uniform partner less exposure than IU

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    College basketball clothing providers Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Russell are hoping to win the exposure game during this year men NCAA hoops tournament.

    Millions of dollars are at stake, with the amount escalating each round.

    Notre Dame, however, isn giving its clothing partner, Under Armour, as big a bang for its buck as Indiana, Purdue and Butler are giving theirs, according to one research firm.

    In this year tournament, 41 of the teams will wear Nike branded uniforms, 14 will wear Adidas, 10 will wear Under Armour, and three will wear Russell.

    If a single team wearing its brand makes it to the championship game, the clothier can earn $34.1 million in exposure, according to Michigan based Apex Marketing Group Inc.

    Unless you happen to provide Notre Dame uniforms. While Nike would get max value if Purdue or Butler make it to the championship game in Houston, and Adidas would get max value if IU makes it, Under Armour would get only $27.2 million in value if the Irish shoot to the title game.

    Dame logo gets lost. I don know if it the lighting in the arenas or what, but it just doesn have the pop of a lot of other teams, said Eric Smallwood, Apex Marketing managing partner. wholesale nfl jerseys from china a green logo on a gold jersey, there a lot of color bleed and that plays into it. It a lot better if they wear white jerseys.

    The logo jersey combinations of IU, Purdue and Butler have much better contrast and show up on TV better, Smallwood said.

    Under Armour value on Notre Dame uniforms is further compromised by a memorial logo right above the clothier apparel companies pay plenty to get these deals with big time schools, and exposure is a big part of the return they expect.

    For instance, IU signed a deal with Adidas last summer that has the shoe and apparel maker paying the school $53.6 million over eight years, or $6.7 million a year. Nike pays Purdue $2 million annually. Notre Dame and Butler, both private schools, don disclose the value of their shoe and apparel deals.

    The projected value the logos bring the company is based on how the games are shot, camera angles, logo placement and how the logo appears on television screens, Smallwood explained.

    Even though the likes of Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are afforded only a two inch logo on the upper chest, Smallwood said the massive TV exposure of the tournament drives enormous value.

    calculate the amount of time each logo appears on the screen and the value is based on the average cost of a 30 second advertisement, he said.

    The jersey logo is highly visible, Smallwood added, while players shoot free throws, during time outs and on the sidelines as well as in slow motion replays. Each uniform provider is also allowed a logo on the shorts, but Smallwood said that logo rarely makes it on the TV screen and plays only a small part in the total value.

    Not surprisingly, Apex studies show each round of the tournament is worth more than the previous one. Below is a breakdown of what each round is worth for the uniform providers of IU, Purdue and Butler. Notre Dame their green jerseys the bracketed number.

    Schoettle grew up in Indianapolis, graduating from Southport High School and Indiana University. He then departed on a tour of middle Indiana, reporting for papers in Greenwood, Frankfort, Columbus and Franklin before landing at IBJ in 1998. At his previous jobs, he spent a decade as a political/government reporter. Beyond writing, Schoettle passions include animals and wildlife, watching all manner of television and long distance cycling. Though he put away his trumpet many years ago, he remains an avid music fan. Schoettle shares his home in Southport with his wife, Elizabeth, two Pembroke Welsh Corgis and two cats. Preferring to live in a setting, one of his primary goals each spring and summer is to see how seldom he can mow his front lawn.

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