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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is the new concept in website design, which proposes to address the ever changing scenario of devices such as browsers, tablets, smart phones and other devices and adjusting to their screen sizes as well as orientations by creating flexible, fluid, as well as adaptive web sites.

Instead of responding to the current needs for a desktop version along with a particular mobile version, Responsive Website Design proposes to resolve the issue the other way around by using flexible and fluid layouts that have the capability to adapt to almost any other screen. The core concepts of RWD revolve around three technical features which are as below:

  • Media queries and media query listeners
  • Flexible grid based layout which has the capacity to use relative sizing
  • Flexible images as well as media with the help of dynamic resizing or even CSS.

Hence the website should be compliant not only with a desktop, but be optimized for most tablets as well as smart phones. NCode Technologies, Inc. is a renowned India based web development and design company that has the right mix of web designers and web developers who have sound ability as well as experience in dealing with RWD for its clients who need unusual as well as uncommon solutions for their web development projects.

Here are some reasons why you need Responsive Web Design:

Flexible web design

RWD makes your website and website design more flexible by improving its ability to accommodate different browsers on most devices such as desktops, smart phones, tablets, and other Internet capable devices.

Mobile Compatible

RWD allows your website to be mobile compatible, thus allowing your website to be accessed even while clients are on the move. Just a singular coding will help your website to be viewed on various smart phones without the necessity of a specific mobile website.

No need of a mobile website

RWD does away with the need of a mobile website. The design is capable of automatically adapting to various desktops, tablets and smart phones without redirecting the users to a specific mobile website.

Responsive Website Design helps you save time and money as it incorporates just one singular coding that does away with the need of websites for different devices. The concept is an amalgamation of JavaScript, CSS as well as CSS3, so that a flowing website can be designed to be capable of resizing, contracting, expanding, or rearranging the user’s screen size accordingly so that the website can become available on a wide range of Internet devices.

Why NCode for your Responsive Website Design:

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Ability to display on all Internet Devices
  • W3C validation
  • Efficient and fast communication
  • Quality design as well as user friendly navigation

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