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PPC Management

Pay per click (PPC) service is the most advanced and prominent mode of advertisement in which the advertisers pay the host or service operators for number of visitors to their advertisements. Number of visitors is considered based on the number of unique clicks made on the advertisements. The purpose of pay per click service is to draw the traffic of specific segment who are interested in your products or services, and not anyone and everyone on the web. PPC service offers immediate and quick solution for increasing sales and page rankings in search engines as well as lets you pay only when a visitor clicks your ad to visit your website.

NCode Technologies is leading search engine optimization service offering company with strong experience in pay per click management services. We understand that ‘smart advertising’ is when the investment made is converted into return of investment (ROI). As of-course each click costs!

NCode Technologies with its strong knowledge and experience in this domain helps you professionally manage your campaigns in the most effective and efficient way within your budget. Currently Yahoo, Microsoft and Google who have their own internet advertising platforms, are leading in the market but investing on multiple advertising platforms will be waste of investment, time and laborious. Instead, at NCode Technologies we can offer you much smarter solution of centralized billing and flexibility to access each ad campaign from one location resulting into maximized ROI. For professional clients our professional pay per click management services includes:

  • Keyword and Bids Analysis
  • Creation of Excellent Landing Pages
  • Optimization Of Titles
  • Meta Tags
  • PPC Account Setup
  • Daily Review of Bids
  • Weekly Review of Keyword
  • Detailed Reporting

NCode Technologies has strong team of professional who are well equipped with all the expertise and skills to ensure that client get maximized return of investments (ROI) and meet their expected marketing targets. Our out-of-box solution makes us the most favored and ideal choice of our clients. We go beyond the traditional pay per click management services and try to bring innovative solution by which our clients can reap maximum ROI and we can learn from the maximum challenging tasks. We can also be assistance for you in search engine optimization services, web development services and mobile application development services.