16 Tips for Hiring the Best Magento Web Development Company

  • November 27, 2018
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Magento is one of the best and easy-to-use CMS platforms for ecommerce web development. If you intend to open a new ecommerce store, then you would be looking for the right developers who would develop your ecommerce website in a superior manner. Therefore, if you are someone who is maine-commly in search of a Magento ecommerce development company , then the following 16 tips will certainly help you.

1. Experience

Experience plays a key factor while choosing the web development companies because web development is a dynamic process and if the company is in business for a certain number of years then they would know whereabouts of this dynamism of the web development industry.

There are many startup companies that provide Magento web development services. Relying on them for your store’s website will not be ideal. It is not like they cannot deliver a good site but more often than not you will have to face disappointment.

That is why you should be looking at a company which has got at least a couple of years’ experience. Remember, it is your business, and it would not be wise to take such a huge risk even before the industry started. So, go by the experience first.

2. Communication

Communication is also a key factor while hiring a good Magento Ecommerce development company and the reason for that is, as an entrepreneur and the owner of the website the company is developing, you should be up-to-date with what is going on with your site.

There are several companies which don’t even think about communicating with the owner of the website which is to some extent a drawback for the company. It is a sign that you will not get the type of work you are looking to get from the company you have hired.
That is why before hiring, in the initial stages, you have to determine that the company is communicating well with you. Otherwise, you could be in for a lot of trouble.

3. Cost Estimation

Before you sign the contract and give the work of your ecommerce website development to a company, it is important to know the estimated cost of the work. This helps to reduce the miscommunication and misunderstanding between both you and your developing company.

It is not like that they have to tell you the exact amount they will be charging because that is really tough especially given the dynamic circumstances of the modern day web development sector. However, they could present to you an estimation of what it would cost.

Knowing this estimated cost will certainly help you to determine whether you would like to hire the company or not because, after all, you have to pay the money and the amount you would want to pay completely depends on you.

4. Portfolio

You would also need to check the portfolio of the Magento web development company you are hiring, and the reason for that is you need to see what kind of work they have done in the past. It would surely be going to give you a glimpse of what to expect from the company.

While look at the portfolio of the company, make sure that they are fulfilling your requirements. You want to design a website which is completely different from the ones the company is showing you. Therefore, you need to clarify by looking at the portfolio whether they can give the website you want.

The portfolio of the company will be a key indicator of how the company works and what you will get once you hire the company.

5. Current Business Practices

While hiring the Magento development company, make sure that the company has some sort of knowledge about the business you are in. Without knowing your business and the products and services you cater to your customers, the company will never be able to design a good website.

Also, they should be aware of the current trends in Magento web development because you would not want your website to be backdated because that will surely have an adverse effect on your business. Therefore, make sure that the company is aware of the current business practices.

6. Specify Your Goals

As an owner of the website or the ecommerce business, you will have some specific goals which you would like to fulfill through your website. However, if the developer of your website does not know your goals, then you should not be expecting to have a website that could fulfill your goals.

That is why it is important to convey and specify your goals so that the developer knows what you are expecting from the developer. With this knowledge, the developer will find a way to fulfill the goals you have set from the website.

7. Budget

Before giving the contract of your website development to a specific company, you need to make sure that you have created a budget plan for this website development work. Frankly speaking, you will not be looking to spend your whole fortune on this website development work.

That is why you need to have a budget plan and see what the maximum price is that you can pay to the developing company. This will help you to find a company that will be able to work according to your budget. So, you will now have to make sure that you have a budget plan in place before choosing the company.

8. Referrals

Referrals are very hard to get, but if you do get it from your friends or family members, then that would be nothing short of a blessing. If you have someone who has inspired you among your family members or friends to start an ecommerce business, then ask them from where they have developed the website of their company.

Considering the fact that they must have a wonderful ecommerce website in place, ask them from they have got their website developed. With their recommendation, you can surely expect that the company you will hire will give their best in quality work for you.

9. Technology Expertize

Considering the fact that you will be working with a team when it comes to developing your ecommerce website, you need to make sure that the developers with whom you will be working, are well versed with the latest technology in place currently.

There are some companies that are great in Magento development, and there are some that are best in working with other CMS platform. If you are looking for Magento store development, then you should be hiring a company that is proficient with Magento development.

Therefore, before hiring the company, make sure that they are good enough to work with the kind of technology that you are looking for.

10. Timeline

It is very important to have the website on your hand before or within the given deadline. As they say, when it comes to business, time is money. So, you would not want to waste any of your time. Also, when you give the contract of developing the website, you must have also given them a deadline.

Make sure that company which is developing your ecommerce website will be delivering the website within the given deadline. You can determine that by keeping a close eye on the track record of the company.

11. Check for Reviews and Testimonials

According to reports, the best way to understand whether the company is good enough or not is by reading the reviews and testimonials of the company. Before signing the contract with the Magento web development company, check their testimonials.

By checking the testimonials, you will be able to find out how much their previous clients were satisfied. If the former clients of the company are happy with their work, then they will surely recommend them.

Also, checking the reviews of the company’s work online will give you a preview of what type of work they are doing.

12. Request the Profiles of the Developers

The actual work of the Magento web development will be done by the developers. That is why you need to check the profiles of the developers. You need to check their experience, qualification, and track record. This will make sure that your website is in the right hands.

13. Post-Go-Live Support

Once your ecommerce website is live, there could be multiple issues arising with it. That is when you would require post-go-live support. When you are hiring a company, check whether they provide this support or not because it is essential for the maintenance of your website.

Only developing the website will not be enough and the work of the web development company that you have hired will not end there. Check, if the company you are hiring will provide post-go-live support as well.

14. Quality

Quality is the key factor in a website. A good quality website will be opening up within seconds and will also have a user-friendly interface and an attractive design. If the developing company of your site can give these things to your website, then you should be hiring them.

15. Reputation

The web development company that is in the business for years will gain some status. It is a key indicator of their quality of work. There are multiple website development companies, and if a company can create a good reputation among this tough competition, then the company is worthy of hiring.

16. SEO Aspect

No matter how good your website is as far as the quality is concerned, or how much effort your developers have given in developing it, if your website is not SEO-friendly then you will have a tough time to cope with the tough competition of the ecommerce industry at present times.

So, you need to make sure that the website your developing company has created is SEO-friendly. The competition of ranking each website at the top of the search engines’ result pages is immense because that is from where you will generate customers.

However, if the website is not SEO-friendly, then you will not be able to rank your website and generate traffic. Well, that is why it is extremely important to ensure that your site is SEO-friendly.


There you have it; these are the 16 things you should be keeping in mind while picking the right Magento web development company. In order to get your ecommerce business up and to run, you must have a responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly website in place. Choose the right company, because a good Magento web development company will keep these in mind while developing your ecommerce website.

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