Top 6 nopCommerce Plugins That Every Ecommerce Store Must Have

  • April 16, 2018
  • Ashish Shah
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If you are looking for some wonderful plugins for your nopCommerce ecommerce store, then you need not look any further. Since nopCommerce is an open source solution, it is available under the nopCommerce public license V3 for small to medium-sized businesses.

It is a universal ecommerce platform that fits every merchant’s needs. You can easily utilize a nopCommerce platform as a well-structured solution to combine the best features of open source as well as commercial software. As nopCommerce is becoming more and more popular, you need some plugins that enhance its features. So, below are some must have plugins in your nopCommerce store.

nopCommerce Instand Search PluginToday, even if a customer visits your store but does not find anything that he needs then he is sure to leave the store and visit a competitor’s site and purchase from there. However, if they can search what they are exactly looking for, the chances of retaining them on your website increase greatly. Why not use a plugin that provides these features. The Nop Instant Search Plugin provides exactly these features. This plugin provides an uncomplicated yet powerful way to search products instantly directly from the homepage. This instant and easy-to-install search plugin support nopCommerce 3.9 and nopCommerce 4.0 version.

nopCommerce Google Adwords PluginThis plugin allows you to add Google Adwords scripts to nopCommerce public store pages. You can easily add a conversion script for a purchased order on the completed page. This plugin also allows for the addition of the remarketing script that is injected on all pages (see: This plugin is a nopCommerce 3.9 and nopCommerce supported standalone plugin.

nopCommerce Category Slider PluginBanner sliders are imperative these days as they enable images to slide across the top of any page content. This easy to install nopCommerce 3.9 and 4.0 supported plugin allows you to show banner sliders for each category. The user can easily set the banner image for each category, which will then be displayed in the particular category page. The user is also able to set the redirect URL for the slider banner images.

nopCommerce Share Product on Whatsapp PluginNowadays, WhatsApp has become the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with your friends, acquaintances, and business contacts. This easy-to-install plugin allows users to share products on Whatsapp mobile application. This plugin makes the best use of the popularity of Whatsapp and its sharing ability to help your company or online business reach your contacts and other’s contacts on WhatsApp to popularize your product or services.

nopCommerce-Product-Like-PluginTaking a cue from your favorite platform Facebook, you too can allow visitors to like products and increase the popularity of your product range and your website as well. This plugin that thus kills two birds with one stone allows users to like the products on the product listing box as well as the product details page. The user is also able to show the own liked product list as well. It is nopCommerce 3.9 and nopCommerce 4.0 supported standalone plugin.

nopCommerce-Product-Discount- Sticker-PluginThis product discount sticker plugin allows users to show product discount sticker on the product list. In the real world, a sticker is placed on the product to display the discount. Similarly, in the virtual world, the product discount sticker plugin puts a virtual sticker on the product image to display the discount. This plugin is a nopCommerce 3.9 and 4.0 supported standalone plugin.

Closing Thoughts

nopCommerce is now emerging as a truly cost-effective open source ecommerce solution for your online business. Why not go ahead and install these plugins for an uber-cool experience! Good Luck!

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