What is the perk of using DNN CMS for Educational Website?

  • July 20, 2018
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DotNetNuke is a leading web CMS that is built on MS ASP.NET. This platform has become so much popular as it can function as both web application development framework and web CMS for MS ASP.net.  The developers who have been using. .Net framework, then DNN can be prime Content Management System for them.

DNN Web Application Development for Educational Website

A perfect CMS make an education site perfect. It provides required elements that you need to publish new pages. DNN is the highly extensible platform that is used to create wide varieties of college and university websites. It helps create a full-fledged general education website. As we mentioned above that it runs on ASP .NET (C#) and requires running on a window server. This is professionally developed by Microsoft. It is well documented and has the solid foundation. This is written in C# that makes it the powerful framework that can serve complex modules.

If you are going to develop any site using DNN, then it would be easy for you. It can be done by downloading and running an installer.  It ensures quick website development. If you need any good and secure website for your educational institute, you can go for DNN. You should look for an experienced DNN Developers so you can get an interactive, engaging and attractive educational website with new features. You will get a smooth, proper and professional website.

This module based framework can be beneficial for educational websites as there are so many modules which are different from each other. There is a hierarchy based architecture that can create a good and abstracted system. You can easily layout your web pages and select modules. You can keep these modules and pages in desired places.

DNN can be the best option for any educational website as it ensures security. It uses well implemented and secured architecture that ensures data safety. It also provides you with control over who is editing and visiting the web pages. This CMS is highly customization which make it popular among users and developers.

It allows you to have a clean and attractive design for your educational institute. It will help visitors focus on your brand instead of stuffed texts and graphics. It provides the positive user experience. Theme design is simpler than other CMS.  You can create the theme as it is easy and there are so many sources that provide you the required code snippets to create any theme. You need not have in-depth technical knowledge and idea of ASP.NET and C# programming knowledge in order to create any functional theme for your educational website. In other CMS like Drupal and WordPress, you need to have knowledge of PHP to do so.

DNN is considered simpler to manage and use those other Content management systems. The administration area is integrated into the site that makes it easy to use. There are no backend or administration areas that you are required to deal with. You just need to sign in as an administrator and some tools will appear on the top of your educational website. You just need to click on the button that appears on the page in order to edit the page content and navigate. You will also see some other controls in admin bar that may prove useful as they allow you to see the website without and with edit buttons.  You can get into the administrative tasks via menus in the bar. This is a free platform that comes with so many features that you can use.

  • DNN (DotNetNuke) skins and modules can make it easy to set up educational sites.
  • It takes less time and efforts in setting up your site.
  • There are so many modules available that help set contacts, roles and more for your users.
  • DNN framework has built-in security framework and encompasses stable user administration modules.
  • An administrator can use role-based content
  • An administrator is allowed to assign certain pages to registered users and other to anonymous users
  • This CMS is highly adaptable to educational site
  • You need not any technical knowledge when it comes to managing any education site designed with DNN
  • It provides control and consistent user interface experience that allows you to engage potential visitors.

This is a free open source application that provides you so many features that make your educational site interactive, clean, clear and engaging.  This is a great solution for a content management system. If you set up with the right hosting plan, it will prove affordable to you. Free extensions, free themes, and auto installers make it pretty competitive. You can also look for great online support.  DNN forums are also available to solve all your queries. You can hire the best DNN developers to get an attractive site.

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