How to Hire Magento Developer for Your Ecommerce Store

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The success of any ecommerce portal depends on its usability and scalability. Your efforts in finding a quality Magento developer with the right set of skills will go the long way in ensuring the success of an ecommerce portal. When you hire a hire dedicated Magento developer who is seasoned, can make use of the platform to create an enhanced user experience of the portal which in turn will increase customer retention.

Why Should You Hire Magento Developer?

Ecommerce boasts of selling goods and services online through specific websites which are gaining a lot of importance in today’s world.

There are many ecommerce developmental platforms out of which Magento is an open source ecommerce platform and the most popular ecommerce development podium which helps you to develop your own e-store or portal.

When you hire Magento developer who works to create, enhance, and support Magento websites. Developing a Magento website requires a team of web designers, Magento developers, and others to fulfill all the skills required.

A Magento developer is also a web developer skilled in the Magento field. Any startup using Magento can grow into the medium or large-scale company without changing the ecommerce platform since Magento offers highly scalable solutions.

It is seen that such developers who work on Magento may work as a freelancer alone or within Magento developers can be split into two separate skillsets themselves:

  • Front-end Magento Developers: build Magento themes and work to replicate the design a web designer provides into Magento ensuring that your website looks smart. These developers also focus and work on the mobile app’s so that they work effectively on smartphone and other gadgets like laptop, etc.
  • Backend Magento Developers: focus on building features for your Magento website whether that’s via existing Magento extensions or by coding.

Are You in Need of a Magento Developer?

Magento can help you customize the core features of your product, that is, it develops a platform for the customers as they want like building your store, themes and developing custom features for your website and When you hire expert Magento developer who is skilled in web development with the Magento platform helps you in building a good Magento website.

Magento developers are many in number as a result, you could many of them easily but finding a good experienced Magento developer is a challenge. Before, hiring a Magento developer you must decide on some of the things like;

  • Are you looking for an individual developer or a Magento developmental firm?
  • If you will be hiring a Magento developer for yourself or out-sourcing to any other part of India or other countries?

When you’re sure and have answers to the above questions, you can think further.

Are you looking to hire Magento developer? Here are a few guidelines;

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Local or Worldwide

You have to choose whether you want a developer to develop your Magento website locally near your area or you want to outsource your work in other regions or countries.

Choosing a local Magento developer has its own advantage as you can have an in-person discussion over a peg of beer. However, you may not always find Magento developers with global exposure in your locality. If this is the case, you will have to look for off-shore developers.

Magento Developers

Try to check on those Magento developers working for many Magento development projects for various companies not just in your locality but also other countries because they will be experienced and will offer you quality services with less price. But, if you are looking for a Magento developer nearby your place, then it’s up to your choice.

Choosing a local Magento developer has its own advantage like you can meet the person and discuss over queries like the quality of the projects, etc. However, with the improvement in digital technology, you can have discussions with off-shore clients.

Look for the Size of Your Project

Have you decided on the capacity and size of your store? Is it a big storefront or an online portal? Well, if it is a huge existing store, hiring a team of developers is the best solution if you have a good amount.

Well, if you are an entry level, hiring an individual developer on an hourly basis or per project basis will be a better idea.

Quality Check

Having a deal with quality and the cost are the 2 important things to be noted here because you get the required services at your desired cost, but the quality will not be up to the mark while a Magento developmental company can provide you with an expert Magento developer with a high-quality website with various features, but the cost may be too high.

  • Hence, you must be alert in such cases and take a quick decision to call for tenders, who provide ‘quotations’ for many Magento developmental companies for the same features. You should keep in mind that for a quality Magento website of yours, you should be investing some amount to promote your sites and to gain popularity.

Till now, you have got some idea about Magento, Magento development firm, promotion of your website, hiring a Magento developer but still confused in your search? So, are you in search of a dedicated Magento developer who seems to be an expert for the one you are looking for? Have a look at the tips!

Which of These Do You Prefer? An Agency or a Freelancer?

One person cannot have all the skills required for a Magento developer. Hence, hiring a freelancer is a question to think of. A team with many Magento developers is preferably a better choice to develop your website with unique specifications and a lot of creativity thereby promoting it sooner.

How to Hire Expert Magento developer!


Expert Magento developers are somewhere attending a conference, holding a meeting, giving a talk to the public on creating the website of their choice, an entrepreneur, etc. who are busy. There are certain specific places where you can find expert Magento developers. Want to know?

Visit Magento – Imagine

Magento imagine is an ecommerce conference programme conducted every year that brings together around 5000 experts in the field of ecommerce along with Magento developers, web developers, etc. attend this conference. People from around 30+ countries participate in these business partners to exchange their ideas and improve ecommerce sector.


Like conferences, hackathons provide a great opportunity to meet Magento developers face to face which you do not find online. Hackathons help in finding developers who have taken up developing out of passion. If you sponsor little amount for a hackathon, you will be benefitted twice.

Magento Forums to Hire dedicated Magento developer

These forums provide you with dedicated Magento developers who support and guide you for your projects before that you must be a registered person on the Magento forum to interact with the expert team. There are around 200k registered users and the Magento developers on these forums answer to the queries on various questions of Magento development.

Commerce Hero!

Commerce Hero is specifically to solve the problem of finding a Magento developer, if you cannot find one, you post a job for free here, in commerce hero. In the case of contract jobs, you won’t be charged anything, and in the case of full-time job placements, you’ll only be charged when a candidate is placed.

Search for Heroes

You can find good Magento developers in search for homes your project. ‘Search for heroes’ is a web page exclusively designed for people looking for expert Magento developers. Here, one can find Magento certified developers with an experience of over more than 6 years.


LinkedIn allows you to search by skills and you can look for a Magento developer. You can directly search by the skill option search provided in LinkedIn and have search location wise and other factors. If you have a premium LinkedIn account then your search would be effective compared to a normal LinkedIn user free account.

Done with searching a Magento developer? Just hold on! You still have something to note down which is very important! So, if have found a developer, the next step is evaluating and selecting the developer.

Well! How can one evaluate and select? Here you go!


There is a provision of Magento’s certification program which is one of the best. It gives you the experience Magento developer in detail with Magento are their certifications. The certification test is conducted to confirm that developers have really worked with the platform in-depth. You should also note that few professionals with certifications lack basic knowledge of developing.

Look at Their Work

You must be thorough in looking at the work a Magento developer has worked on, the companies they worked for etc. Check for their LinkedIn sites to get a clear view of their skills, etc.


You can check for references from your business network. Find out from your colleagues who have any business contacts who have hired developers earlier and who can also refer you. This helps you to select Magento development team members over unskilled.

Looking to Hire Magento developer India?

Quality Magento developers in India can be hired relatively at a lower cost. Many professionals with a certain set of skills in:

  • Magento web development,
  • ecommerce, customization,
  • Integration,
  • Design
  • Module development,
  • Theme development,
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Launching a website, etc.
  • Magento migration
  • Magento migration with e-bay, Amazon, word press etc. are widely available across India.

Many global companies hire Magento developers for their full-time projects as well as for freelancing. You can hire Magento developer India from the online e-commerce portals exclusively meant for hunting Magento web developers which guide you well through all your requirements at your comfort zone.

You can also inquire from your friends or colleagues for any skilled Magento professional who can refer persons whom they know which is quite helpful.

Magento developers with any of these certifications are preferred for Magento web development such as; Magento Certified Developer Pus (MCD+), Magento Certified Developer (MCD) and a Magento Certified Frontend Developer. These certifications ensure that the developer has the necessary skills in the theory as well as the practical. Such Magento developers, when hired can propel the company into a growth trajectory.


Finding Magento developers is easy but hiring the right one for your business requires a lot of thought process. Make sure you deal with world-class best freelancers or well-trained Magento developers to make a final deal with them so that your company will take you to an advanced level earning fame. Hence, analyze your requirements, time limitations and cost constraints and make your decision.

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