Latest E-Commerce Trends for Online Shoppers

  • July 26, 2018
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Nowadays, eCommerce is advancing too fast and has already established its root in the global market.  The customers conduct an online research before making a purchase from an eCommerce site or app. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors you need to follow the latest possible trends for the best possible results.

No matter if your business is small or big, make sure you prepare a winning E-commerce marketing strategy to stay afloat in a cutthroat competition. It all starts by engaging the new customers along with retaining the old ones and then expanding the business in all possible directions. Some of the eCommerce trends are mentioned below. Read on to find which are they:

Headless eCommerce

One of the most rarely brought up but still quite impactful trend in eCommerce is headless architecture. Headless eCommerce platforms are ones where front end and the back end is separated.

The lack of a defined interface for headless eCommerce platforms means you can have it look and act the way you want. It can also benefit your warehouse and the leadership with proper results and then allow the visitors through the landing pages to check out options, and be fully customized to your every whim.

You get to build the experience you want for your team to have and the ones your customers will see at every step of the way. To have a complete balance, you need to have a talented team who can make shopping an enjoyable experience to your customers. Also the UI experts are required in order to build and then later create and manage your database.

More payment options

Sales conversion results when you offer different payment options for your e-Commerce store. Credit cards and net banking are the two most popular payment methods available for quite long but customers always wish for more.

Options like Google Wallet, Bitcoin, PayPal, Visa USA | Pay With Visa | Visa Checkout by Visa, Master Pass by MasterCard, Apple Pay, gift cards, prepaid cards are gradually becoming popular trends in e-Commerce and businesses already have started adopting those.

Shop the look

People usually want to know whether the newly selected item would be the same as shown in the picture. Also, people have questions about whether shopping that particular item is really worthy or not. Showing the item on someone, in an environment where it will be used, or in a video helps people come to the final conclusion of buying the product.

Social Shops- If you already have a website, you should also have a Facebook store, Instagram store and others which are relevant. The data lives in one spot, but is available on all spots, no matter where the customer plans to buy.

Voice search will take over

More and more people are choosing to speak to Amazon’s Alexa or OK Google, instead of typing their search queries, which is a trend that is showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon. In fact, Google announced that its Google Assistant was installed on more than 100 million devices in 2017. You might think that laziness or quick pace of life is getting the best of people, but voice search is slowly becoming a standard in households as well with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home devices getting more and more popular.

Augmented reality ads will be making their boom

Even though there are some out there thinking augmented reality in digital marketing is just a passing thing, with a short lifespan, we have to say that the whole concept is not without its merit. For one, you don’t need any additional equipment like you do for experiencing virtual reality – no buying one more high-tech headset. It’s technically available on most of mobile devices already in use. Additionally, there are practical uses for e-commerce business owners and marketers. Such a great example of augmented reality being part of our everyday lives.

The Reasons Behind Mobile Friendly eCommerce Website:

  • The customers want to access your site on their mobiles, and they expect you to provide it.
  • Google may penalize you if you don’t have a mobile friendly website.
  • If you don’t have a mobile friendly site then, you’ll lose your business.

eCommerce industry is growing so fast day by day. And no doubt it will rule the market in the coming years.  So the future of eCommerce is definitely brighter than before. And to keep your position in the market you have to be familiar with the latest buzz.

The latest eCommerce trends to make the platform even more customer friendly are voice searches, a hassle-free checkout, better aesthetics, wider delivery options, increased automated features like chat-bots, and better integration with the social media.

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