Top 7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A PHP Developer

  • September 26, 2017
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Top 7 Questions to be asked when Hiring a PHP Developer

Developing your own website is a tough and risky task. Also when you need a functional dynamic site for your business, doing so with half-baked knowledge will not help. That is when it is better to hire the services of PHP developers so that your design is built by them efficiently and without hassles.

Have a proper planning before you opt for the PHP developer services from a IT solution provider company. PHP is a widely used platform and there are some fly-by-night companies who are mostly concerned with profits. If you would want to avoid disaster, in the end, it is better to be well-prepared from the beginning.

7 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a PHP Developer from IT Company


1. Since how many years have you been into PHP website developing?

Experienced companies provide better solutions. Also, they have a better idea of various techniques used in web development and its implementation. Hire PHP developers from companies who have better resources and techniques. Visit their website and see their work.

2. Can you show me some sample works of your past projects undertaken?

Ask them for sample works from their previous clients. So you know what to expect from them and the quality of work that may be delivered to you if you allocate your work to them. If they have worked on similar context before, then work becomes easier for you.

3. How will your mode of work be?

Be clear on the mode of work undertaken by them. See which PHP developer will be allotted to you and the experience and expertise he has. Check on who will be responsible for your work and who will be reporting to you. Ask them if they will be providing updates regularly regarding your work advancement.

4. What technologies do your PHP developers use for website development?

The fully functional website that you need may be different from the sample works of the company you have seen. So be sure that the company will be able to deliver what is needed by you. Ask for the PHP frameworks they use and see if it suits your idea. Have a talk with the PHP expert till you are assured that your work will be efficiently handled by him.

5. What are the charges for your services?

Ask for an estimate for your website development. Ask what the costs are that may be added if there are any minor or major changes to your site. And also know beforehand what the charges are for urgent completion of the project. Know if there are any packages and the services and charges included in each package.

6. What is the timeframe for the projects to be completed?

Time allocated to projects is very important before signing any deal. Know the timeframe that the PHP developer will take to complete your requirements. Also, see if they divide their work into parts so that even you get to know how much of the work has progressed in the said time.

7. Do you provide any after-development service?

After the development of your fully functional website, the after services also play an important part. You may not be familiar with the working of your website without their initial help. And if the customer service they provide is not up to the mark then it is not worth hiring them for web development.

When you hire a PHP developer who is very efficient in his work, you will be assured of value-added inputs from him. Also when they work in close association with you, your final website will reflect their hard work.

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