What are Custom Magento Extensions? What Are It’s Benefits?

  • May 10, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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When you have an eCommerce store it is crucial for you to facilitate your customers in the best possible way. Currently, it is the era of competition and it is very important for every businessman to sustain their existing customer. Therefore, it is important to update your Magento store with the customized Magento extensions that aim to provide some advanced facilities and functionalities to your eCommerce store. Moreover, the Magento extensions are quite helpful in getting you good conversion rates. It affects your business directly or indirectly and improves the overall performance of your store.

Let us take a look at few of those custom Magento extensions that will make your business achieve new heights and make your website more appealing and facilitating to your customers.

1. Advanced product video

Advanced product video extension for Magento is very helpful for boosting your sales conversion rates. It lets you upload and manage your videos of all your products. Videos are so useful because when you upload videos of the products you deal in, customers can clearly understand what the product is all about and this will have a positive effect on their purchases. Moreover, it is also helpful to you to upload as many videos as you want from the video manager.

2. You can manage on-time delivery and tracking

Once your business grows and you get multiple orders, it becomes important that you deliver the products on time. If not, it can affect the overall impression of your brand. No one likes the delay in delivery. People usually get irritated when it takes too long for the products to be delivered. Some store owners use traditional methods to let their customers know about the whereabouts of their product through texts and emails. But this can leave some loopholes in the system. A delivery date extension system can be useful and can help you get over this issue. It enables the customers to set their preferred date and time of the delivery and helps the admin to keep a track of the delivery orders. This extension is great and will help you achieve the utmost customer’s satisfaction.

3. Magento Follow up Email

Many visitors who visit your website don’t make purchases instantly but they will make purchases at some point in time. In this case, Magento follows up email app helps you in getting your visitor’s email addresses. You can email these targeted customers with some offers and vouchers which will encourage them to buy the items lying in their shopping cart and they will make purchases. With the help of follow up email, you can convert your visitors into loyal customers.

4. Boosts up the Magento’s loading speed

Even when a website takes one second of delay in the loading time, it leads to a 7% reduction in the conversions. Slow loading time will also affect your search engine ranking in a negative way and that will eventually affect the revenue of the store. When there is an increase in the website loading speed, there will automatically be an increase in your search traffic and sales conversions. Thus, it is of utmost importance to have a fast loading website. Performance speed booster app can help you with this. It speeds up your eCommerce site with the use of full-page cache techniques and increases the site load time faster by 10 times.

5. Enhance backend productivity

There are several aspects to the backend of your eCommerce store. You will need manageable and user-friendly modules that can help you manage the backend and front end of your eCommerce with ease. You will need the facility to manage your e-store’s backend through your mobile. Search the market and you will find several Magento extensions that help you manage customer details, accounts, reviews, and sales reports through mobile. These extensions help in-store products Management, customer management, multiple store management, customer review management, etc.

6. You can save the Development cost

Provide all the necessary details to the Magento development company and work on the costs. Wait till the developers code the functionalities of your choice. If you go to the Magento marketplace and search for extensions to fulfill certain functionalities, you will find them with ease. All you need to do is check whether the plugin is compatible with your Magento platform.

7. shows Automatic related products

Automatic related products app increases your online sales by 10 to 30%. when people visit your website, they search for the products that they’re wanting to buy and the products which suit their requirements. With this app, you can show your customers the related products after their purchases. The related products also include the products that other customers have viewed more, purchased and reviewed more. Many times when you buy something online, you get the recommendations of the same kind of products that you were looking for or the products that you recently bought. This is what this extension does and this attracts customers and the purchases are about to rise.


All the custom Magento extensions are really beneficial for your online business and in this blog, we have discussed some of the benefits of Magento extensions in this blog which will help you improve the overall performance of your store. Moreover, the Magento extensions are quite helpful in getting you good conversion rates. Be sure to use the right kind of Magento extensions and your business will achieve new heights. Do you know of other benefits of custom Magento extensions as well? If yes, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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