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  • June 18, 2018
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WordPress is an open-source framework based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress website development is easy as there are simple steps to be followed to meet your objectives and goals. The pages created by WordPress using different attractive themes are well optimized for search engines. WordPress allows you to customize your websites for mobiles which is current trend globally.

Various Ways to Improve the Speed of the WordPress Website:

Choose a Good Hosting Environment

For improving the speed of the website, your hosting plan must be upgraded.
By comparing the response time of your webpage to other web pages, reveals the speed that your webpage lagging with.

A good hosting environment also causes poor response time, because of your selection of false hosting plans. A managed hosting provider designed by WordPress, WP Engine helps in the improvement in the speed of WordPress website development.

Use Content Delivery Network(CDN)

A Content Delivery Network plays an important role in optimizing the speed of a website. CDN allows users to access all the static files such as CSS, JavaScript, StyleSheets, images etc from the server. Due to which it results in fast content delivery, loading time and also it reduces the time delay between the browser and the server.

Set Up Gzip Compression

As it is well-known that we can zip files. The same is possible with your website too.

By performing Gzip compression on files, the size gradually decreases and the files get downloaded fast without any loss of data. All browsers can interpret these compressed files in WordPress to speed up the page.

Image Optimization

Images occupy more space in the pages, even though they are used to replace the bulk data. Images are also compressed for improving the loading time.

Photo editors such as Photoshop use “Save for Web” option in optimizing the images. A WordPress customized webpage also uses a built-in plugin called WP SmushIt for optimization of images. This is done with all the images automatically during uploading.

Enable a Cache Plugin

WordPress web pages are created in an HTML version dynamically, increasing the loading time of web pages.

Cache is something which makes it static and allows you to put static HTML files instead of dynamic, ultimately reducing the loading time of WordPress customized page. Popular plugins WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache and WP Rocket are enabled for caching your customized webpage. Anyway, there are many managed WordPress hosting providers offering their own cache solutions to make you work easy.

Choose an Efficient and Fast Theme

Themes are always bloated with large piles of code that are less used, which results in the performance of loading time. In the way of WordPress Website development, there are many beautiful UI themes in WordPress which have a lot of code and large images throughout the design. Such designs will pull back the speed of a page.

Choosing an efficient theme, which has less required code and the design optimized for desktop applications and mobile applications will help in speeding up the WordPress webpage.

Delete Needless Plugins

Delete unused plugins to speed up the page, as the more code loaded by the browser increases the loading time. Not all plugins are useful in designing, few plugins are unnecessary which occupies the space in the storage resulting in slowing the performance.

To delete the needless plugins, firstly deactivate the plugins, check for the speed of the page and then go to passive plugins list and delete which you are not in need. This improves the performance of WordPress customized page.

File Minification

File minification is one more good way for speeding up the page. If you have observed the code files such as CSS, JavaScript, Style Sheets etc are well organized for best readability purpose. The format and comments in the code occupy larger space resulting in the downfall of speed.

There are many WordPress plugins used in minifications, among which WP Minify or Better WP Minify are greatly used.

Declining the Server Requests

More the server requests, longer the time is taken for loading.

For reducing the requests you can decrease the number of posts displayed on the webpage, split lengthy posts into pages, control the images and videos on your page and you can also cut off external features such as fonts, when needless.

So for the WordPress website development either you need to wipe out the requests or else check to complete as early as possible.

Progressing WordPress Database

Clean up your database, as over the period of time the database gathers clutter of data. Due to which it leads to drop down speed. Cleaning the database repeatedly increases the page loading and decreases the size. A WP Optimize plugin will help in optimizing the WordPress database.


The tactics described above are not limited, there are more ways to speed up your WordPress customized website. Make a note to apply one technique at a time, so that you can get a clear understanding of WordPress website developments. No need to be an expert to optimize your WordPress website. Always there is a best support given by WordPress team to fulfill your dream webpage.

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