9 Benefits of Using WordPress for Developing Your Business Website

  • November 19, 2018
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WordPress has slowly become a powerhouse when it comes to web development. More than 4% of the internet is under the control of WordPress. Since 2003, it has taken the world of the bloggers by storm. However, since that time, WordPress has made a transition from being merely a blogging website to an open-source and accessible web development platform.

9 Advantages That WordPress Web Development Brings To the Table

When you know that literally 4% of the internet is under the control of WordPress, you can guess the popularity it has when it comes to web development. If you get to know the advantages WordPress web development services provider, you will also get interested in joining the bandwagon.

#1 You Don’t Need To Be the Master of Coding To Develop a WordPress Website

Even if you are someone who does not know HTML coding, you can still develop a perfect and professional website through WordPress. This has been a significant advantage for those who do not know of coding.

In the past, creating a website was seen as an uphill task because you needed to have knowledge of coding to do so. This made many people back off from having their website. With the emergence of WordPress, this problem has currently taken a back seat.

A WordPress web development company which has the experience of developing websites before WordPress came into the forefront, will surely appreciate the relief they got for not having to write down the codes to develop the website.

For website development companies, WordPress has provided the convenience of:

  • Making the process of web development faster
  • Developing websites without much of an effort
  • Faster TAT (turnaround time)
  • Ensuring that the companies get regular contracts

These days, most clients will not look at the quality of the website you are building; they will be interested to see how fast you can deliver it. A statistics revealed that those who deliver websites 48 hours earlier than others get 25% more contracts.

Another beautiful thing about WordPress is that you can add almost all the functions to your website without any codes. WordPress has over 45,000 plug-ins, including paid and free versions, which you can install in your website.

You can add any function to your website and also give it a professional look by using WordPress themes. With WordPress, developing a website has never been easier.

#2 You Have the Option of Choosing From So Many Themes

When you install CMS WordPress to your website, it will ask you some basic questions and allow you to choose a theme from its wide range of themes. You can choose this theme as per the requirement of your website.

There are so many themes available in the WordPress platform. However, most of the web developers tend to go for the generic WordPress theme while others go for a default theme. These days so many webmasters are using custom WordPress themes.

The apparent reason for using the custom theme is that they are able to upload their domain and change the look of their website according to their requirements or choice. Most of the WordPress themes are paid, but there are some free ones as well.

It’s not like, because it’s free, it will not look professional for your website. It’s just the paid ones are better when it comes to the responsiveness of the website. There are more than 1000 themes available in the WordPress platform from which you have the option of choosing it.

#3 Effortlessly Optimize Your WordPress Website for Search Engines

In this age of competition, only building your website will not be enough. You would want visitors to come and visit your website. You do not wish to be on a position where you have opened a luxurious shop, and no customer is coming to the shop, and you are sitting there lonely watching others go away from your shop without even noticing it.

Therefore, it is quite clear that you may have to do everything possible to make people notice that you have got a website where they can get the relevant information or the product or even the service they are looking for. In other web development platforms, this work is tough.

However, WordPress makes your life a lot easier when it comes to optimizing your website for various search engines. WordPress gives you the leverage of optimizing your website quite easily by installing some of the SEO plug-ins it has.

Another unwritten fact is that Google loves WordPress websites. Now, at the present moment, Google is the most popular search engine and having a higher rank in Google search engine result pages enhances your chance of driving more traffic to your website which will lead to conversion in most cases.

#4 WordPress Allows You to Have a Responsive Web Design

These days, people are more looking to use mobile phones to browse the internet than laptop or PC just because it gives them that leverage of using the internet on the go. With the rapid growth of smartphones, the mobile internet users are now surpassing the desktop or laptop internet users.

That is why most people who will browse your website will be mobile internet users. If the theme of your website is not responsive to a mobile phone or in other words not mobile-friendly, then people will open your website and close it immediately.

If this happens more often than not, your bounce rate will increase significantly, and that will create an adverse impact on your website. Also, due to the non-responsiveness of your website, you will be losing many of your potential clients. Thus, at present times, being mobile responsive to a website is no longer just an option, it is a must.

The advantage of taking help from a company which provides WordPress development in India is that you will not have to develop separate websites for separate devices. You will automatically get the benefit of having a responsive web design.

#5 Easily Upgrade To the Latest Version of WordPress

From time to time, you would require updating your website. When you have developed your website from other platforms then updating your website will become a daunting task. That is why you can still see many traditional websites without any up gradation on the internet.

However, adding new functionalities and features to your WordPress website is very easy. When you are looking to get the advanced version of a WordPress plug-in which you have been using, WordPress provides you with a feature in which it will ask you to update when a new version is available for a plug-in.

If you choose to update it, then it will get automatically updated on your website. These days most web developers choose WordPress because of the simplicity with which a web developer can maintain, customize, and install new feature on their website with the available themes, plug-ins, and templates.

#6 Load Your Website Faster

In this fast-paced and competitive age, one thing you cannot afford to do is get slow. If you slow up, then you will get eliminated from the competition. This is not only applicable to you but also applicable to your website.

A website that is quite slow in loading will find it hard to get a place in the first page of the search engine result pages simply because the bounce rate of that website will be really high which will have a negative impact on their SEO.

The website you developed should be able to load at a fast pace even if the internet connection is weak. If a website loads for more than 15 seconds to get loaded, then that would be considered as a slow website, and that pace would not be acceptable.

WordPress websites load very fast, and the websites that are hosted in WordPress will not be going to encounter downtime which may have a serious impact on your business.

#7 Increase Your Website’s Security with WordPress

When WordPress was launched in 2003, one of the most widespread criticisms about the web development platform was that it lacked security. The websites were easy to hack, and that is why most developers avoided using WordPress.

However, the times have changed, and this myth of security concerns over WordPress has been debunked. Nowadays when it comes to providing security to your website, WordPress web development is one of the top platforms that you can use.

By using some basic plug-ins for security, you can make your website secure in a better than ever way. One thing can be said, and that is, if you have a WordPress website, hackers will have a tough time hacking it.

#8 Integrate Your WordPress Site with Social Media Easily

Nowadays, it is seen that all social media platforms play a significant role in marketing your business and bringing traffic to your website. So, having integrated your website with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus you will allow your visitors to share your posts to these popular social media websites.

Social media integration helps you to increase your traffic by letting your social media community know that you have a new post on your website which they can check out and share. WordPress allows you to have social media integration seamlessly.

When you integrate your social media accounts on your WordPress website, you will not have to log in to all your social media websites to share the fresh content as it will automatically share it for your convenience.

Social networking websites have the capability of making your contents viral and by doing so increase the popularity and credibility of your brand.

#9 Convenience of Easy Content Management

With search engine optimization, you will only be able to bring traffic to your website. However, the conversion of that traffic will depend on the contents of your website. Contents play a massive role in making your website visitors opt for your products and services.

Well, you cannot survive with little traffic. You need conversions which can only be delivered by having good-quality contents in your web pages. That is why content management becomes an essential aspect of web development.

WordPress allows you to have a secure content management system in place. You can delete, edit, or post contents on your website without taking the help of an expert. The most exciting part is, you can assign the work to any of your employees because it requires no technical skill.

Finally, if you want to create a website for your business, then you can choose the WordPress website development platform because it gives a beautiful platform to promote your business. By taking help from an expert WordPress web development company, you will be able to create a website that will reflect your business and show the world that your products are a brand which they must purchase.

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