Analysis of Web Design Trends in 2016

  • April 1, 2016
  • Ashish Shah
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As an experienced and established web design and development company, it is our mission and interest to enable others in building business class websites easily with the help of latest tips, tricks, techniques, trends, tools, innovations and concepts using latest web designs in 2016.

With the evolving technology, website designs and customer expectations, developers are extending to dig out the best of the best upcoming trends and designs from the upcoming future to cater the needs of their clients. It is an undeniable fact that keeping oneself in motion and updated about the latest trend is not only important but essential. In the current cut throat competitive market, it is impossible to survive without innovative and creative web design ideas. Gone are the days when website use to be a tool of information of the company.

Crafting new and attractive website may sound simple and easy task but actually it requires constant research, updated information, latest feature list, and ground-breaking ideas. The first quarter of the year has already passed and most of the companies have started predicting the web design trends for this year. For those who are really interested in expanding their website and generate business with proper mix of upgradation and online marketing, it is very important for them to keep track of latest web design trends in 2016.

In order to save your time and research, we have analysed some of the top entries of designs and listed the best trends.

  1. Advancement In Responsive Website Designs

Two or three years back from now, having a mobile website was considered as a trend. With the introduction of smart devices, it became more essential for companies to come up with mobile websites which led to responsive designs. The responsive got major boost when Google confirmed the latest algorithm in which non-responsive websites would be cut down to lowest ranks in search engine. This led to immediate upgradation of all small to large websites in the world. So, continuing the trend and due to the introduction of latest devices, it is expected that most of the companies will add more features and functionalities to their responsive website. Still there are very websites in the market which are fully proportionate from laptop device to tablets to smart phones. To provide more enhanced user experience, it is anticipated that latest designs and features will be soon introduced.

  1. Motion User Interface

It is one of the most talked about and predicted web design trend in 2016 which is one of the three major parts of Foundation for Apps by the search engine giant Google. The Motion UI helps in easing out the custom coding of transitions and animations by introducing predefined motions. Using motion UI, it is easier to prototype or integrate the transitions and animations in website pages. Utilization of animation becomes much easier and simpler task with the help of Motion UI. Moreover, because of its easy to use and access feature of Motion UI, it has gained major popularity in the market.

  1. Single Page Scrolling Websites

Due to the long scrolling Facebook layout, it will not be a new thing for users but the current market is moving towards responsive single page scrolling websites trend. Further progression in the layout will result in discovery of fantastic designs that have right combination of design, content, animation and images. The simple mantra of web designing is not to complicate things, so the scrolling websites should not be very lengthy and loaded with heavy animation that exhausts the users.

  1. Hamburger Menu Style

In the responsive website designs, Hamburger menu style is highly popular compared to any other menu options. The simple concept of using Hamburger is to compress the entire menu options into a single icon. It is very useful and efficient for mobile web design as it helps in utilizing each and every bit of space, but in case of full size website it can slightly harm the usability of the website. Users will have to make few extra clicks to reach the desired menu option.

  1. End of Pop-up Designs

Thanks to the neat and clean web designs in 2016 which have finally brought an end to the embracing popup designs. Undoubtedly there will be several other ways and process by which one can enable registration or signup users.

With the end of 2015, the major focus was in developing simple and user friendly web designs. It is expected that website designing and development companies will gradually incorporate customer centric web designs for better experience and solutions for clients. Latest and powerful style of content will also help in delivering effective messages. Keep exploring newer web design trends and update us with your comments.

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