How SaaS Model can be implemented with Laravel Technology?

  • January 20, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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Most of the technology-based companies are always in hunt for different methodologies to provide high-end solutions to their clients. We have seen in recent times, many such technologies have changed the thought-process, companies follow to simplify the problem-solving techniques.

In this regard, Laravel technology has emerged as a robust MVC framework of PHP which is easy to understand, simplified structure of developing applications and provides an extra-benefit for developers to use pre-built components and functions rather than developing it from scratch. Furthermore, it saves a lot of time for developers to plan and execute a product all from the beginning phase.

Feature-wise Laravel is known to have a steady approach for authorization and authentication which makes it easier virtually to configure in the most simplified manner. Laravel is known to have a secure web application. For any website, the most crucial phase is testing in which Laravel is far ahead compared to other PHP-frameworks that have meticulous procedures to conduct testing for web applications.

On the other hand, SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based model wherein a company develops a specific product for the purpose of providing its clients n accessibility for software to use over the internet on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

SaaS model implementation eradicates the pain of investing a huge amount for building an infrastructure where an organization does not have to install applications on its system or data centers instead use it on cloud needful resources.

The Connection between Laravel and SaaS model

The saas-based application provides a multi-usability feature that helps an organization to simplify the process of using existing products for your business growth.

Though SaaS simplifies the entire working model of developing web applications, the process is not straightforward. But when you use Laravel to develop an application it is a perfect combination with the SaaS model as Laravel has the capability to provide pre-defined functions and components to develop admin dashboards, subscriptions, payment gateway and other important add-ons for a web application.

Due to the simplification of application architecture within Laravel, it is highly capable of providing customization options. In the most sophisticated way, the developer’s team can customize components using a Version Control system where they do not have to worry about any of code maintenance complexities.

Another reason to use Laravel for building a SaaS-based application is freedom for developers to integrate third-party API using Laravel’s own API management process that actually wipes out all issues relating to API integration for an application.

Laravel is itself a diversified framework with multiple benefits in developing a modernized web application using the latest technology models for the smooth workflow of project management. In the coming future, there will be a huge demand for SaaS products that will help businesses to concentrate on their goals, better delivery of projects and marketing strategies.

If you are the one looking to have SaaS-based products using Laravel Technology, now is the right time to take a step forward and get in touch with us.

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