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  • June 13, 2014
  • Ashish Shah
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Organizations are always looking for cost-effective solution for online presence. With harnessing of open source software solutions, peer review is distributed leading to transparency and creation of high quality secure software that can be easily integrated at an accelerated pace and less cost. From security to reliability and faster deployment, open source technologies like WordPress, Joomla to name a few are high in quality, easily customizable, flexible, auditable, highly interoperable and wide spread support network of coder community. WordPress Joomla integration is the new market mantra as well!

A free open source CMS, Joomla is written in PHP and extensively used as a publishing web content. It stores MySQL, MS SQL, PostGreSQL, supports multiple languages and includes striking features like page cache, RSS feeds, blogs, polls and search news flashes. Joomla helps to build corporate websites, portals, intranet and extranet, online magazines, newspapers, e-commerce websites, online reservation portals, applications for government, small to medium sized organizations. With 35 million downloads worldwide Joomla extends far and wide with versatility, user friendliness and mobile ready features.

WordPress is web software which assists to create blog or website with thousands of plugins and themes readily available to transform your site to an unimaginable level! From multi-user and multi-blogging assistance, WordPress websites are also extendible to native applications for Mobiles. Search-engine friendly and integrated link management, WordPress supports tagging of posts and articles.

WordPress Joomla concoction is a perfect blend of Nirvana! WordPress integration in Joomla website is a powerful method to harness the best of both CMS. An award winning platform, WordPress blogs are highly simple and easy to install for Joomla. This integration assists us with a powerful plugin for Social-Media; stay connected on the run, one touch spot for all! Also post multiple blogs on your website from multiple authors, highly responsive web design where-in thousands of native WordPress plugins can run on your blog. Squeezing out the best from both the worlds, WordPress-Joomla integration has the power of built-in commenting, trackbacks and pingbacks.

Joomla content plugins can be used on WordPress posts, also default themes and templates are freely available to choose from, ensuring you maximum selection options. WordPress blog integration into Joomla websites is a technocrat creation where-in rich features of WordPress like permalinks, automatic saving of blogs, dynamic pages, cross-blog communication tools, spam protection, commenting etc. is highly valued features. WordPress integration for Joomla observes features like SEF WordPress links, multiple widget modules, easier installation and upgrades, automatic user-sync with Joomla users and much more.

Increase your brand value with state-of-art services, flexible customization options, utilize XHTML and CSS W3C standards, WordPress-Joomla integration is designed according to usability best practices and provides original copyrights. Execute fast-track roll-out! Come and Experience a wonderful world of coders… and explore innumerable online presence options with WordPress blog integration with Joomla! Surge ahead with innovative business ideas, assisting to raise the bar for competition in the web-world.

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