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Logistics & Shipping

One of the most challenging tasks that we observe in day to day life is transporting goods from one place to another i.e. Logistics & Shipping. We are well-versed with the fact that this particular sector is facing lots of challenges but the best part is it is still decently gaining momentum with the implementation of the latest technologies. We provide scalable logistics and transportation solutions from small-scale to enterprise-level businesses.

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Logistics & Shipping Industry

Ncode Technologies Inc assists companies with cost-effective and digitally demanding solutions to its clients making them the frontiers of their industry. Today, we are able to see how digital transformation is emphasizing on streamlined traversing the operations within Logistics & Shipping Industry. Our ninja team works upon your custom-requirements in order to provide robust, scalable and manageable solutions for transportation management, supply chain integrations, inventory management, order tracking, vehicle tracking at enterprise-level.

A technology-maven in Logistics & Shipping Industry

Automation in fleet management
Tracking & vehicle detection
Maximized ROI & deliverables
Cost-effective Management
Efficiency in Order-tracking
Custom dashboard designs

NCode Core Expertise in Logistics & Transportation Industry

To improvise the smooth operations in goods transportation and logistics management, we strive for threshold achievable integrating with automation & emerging technologies to administer competitive-edge among the key players within the industry.

Shipment Management System

One of the painstaking aspects for businesses involved in shipping the goods and resources to the customers is proper management of shipping, starting from the packaging of orders to delivering to the customer without any damage and on-time. Now, on a daily basis there are thousands of shipments to be done, in such a scenario it becomes difficult to manage all at once manually or with the limited featured system. We custom-design management systems pertaining to your shipment needs along with details of vehicle, customer details real-time shipment tracking, dispatch, delivery and order management.

Warehouse & packaging management system

It is of utmost importance to keep track of all the available products within the warehouse mentioning the complete details of product type, product category, manufacturing date, total quantity per product, packaging of products pending/done, total packaging of products, and raw materials inventory.

Real-time fleet tracking apps

We believe in delivering the best qualitative, comprehensive and easy-navigational app for logistics companies to effortlessly keep track of each shipment done. On the basis of custom requirements, we design a dashboard for the shipment receiver to track their parcel in real-time and get all important notifications right on their smartphone right over each progress of the parcel.

Logistics ERP Solutions

One of the most challenging tasks is managing efficiently logistics operations. This requires comprehensively designed dashboards for companies to filtrate them on daily basis. Our pool of developers concisely works upon every detailed functionality that goes with the logistics part. Using the components, third-party tools and identifying essential features we design the most compact ERP solutions for the businesses. We have proudly served eminent clients with Logistics ERP solutions where they have been able to increase revenue, productivity and on-time deliverables.

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