15 Most Important WordPress Plug-ins for 2014

  • September 15, 2014
  • Ashish Shah
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Often when you have a specific need, you can ask your web designers for an exclusive WordPress Plugins Development. Usually all types of plug-in fall under any of the following categories:

  • Design and layout: these codes will help you to change the appearance and feel of your blog

  • Video/Sound: plug-in that can create unique audio and images for your website

  • Administration: there are various admin tools that can be customized such as comments, anti-spam, restriction. Tweaking etc.

  • Links – these help you to make any changes in the default behavior setting of links

  • Posts: these allow you to do a better job at editing or formatting posts

  • Miscellaneous – there are thousands of these that deal with varied areas such as weather information etc.

Every developer has their own favorite set of plug-in but there are some that can be used on any site to get the best functionality out of the conceived theme. In a directory that has almost 40,000 plug-in, it is a very difficult task to sift through and list only the top 15 but here is a list that will be hopefully useful to you.

  1. Akismet – a must have plug in for all type of blogs. It allows you to go through all the comments you might have received and remove any spam comments!

  2. WordPress SEO by Yoast – It allows you to write better and optimize your site well. There is a snippet that will let you see exactly how your post will look in a search result. You can analyze it and think of a better Meta description or make any other changes etc.

  3. Google Analytics + – this is an incredible asset for you. You can see all your statistics like the number of visitors, page viewed, unique visitors etc. to help you plan any marketing strategy in a better way.

  4. W3 Total Cache – it helps you speed up the time your site takes to load. It is well known that internet users can quickly irritated and switch immediately to another site when forced to wait for a site to load.

  5. UserPro Plugin – if you want your members to be more active on your blog community, and then give them the option of maintaining a beautiful profile. It offers various interesting features.

  6. WP Smush.It – almost everyone knows about Smush.It by yahoo. The only difference is that WP Smush.It is that it is customized for WordPress Development. The main task of this is to compress your images so that it doesn’t affect its quality and at the same time prevents your website from slowing down on loading speed.

  7. HTML to WordPress Converter – a very simple tool that allows you to change any HTML them into that of WordPress.

  8. Relevanssi – allows visitors to carry out searches on your website making blogging and researching easier.

  9. Disqus Comment System – It replaces the existing WordPress system and allows for better and more interaction within your community members.

  10. Digg – users are known to be active on more than one social site and when you give them the ease of accessing all through various buttons, they are sure to love this convenience and will share their posts easily. This will help bring in more traffic.

  11. Google XML Sitemaps – all search engines carry out indexing based on several criteria and then rank the websites. This plug in will make it easy for Google crawlers to retrieve your site structure easily in less time making you a likable site.

  12. Jetpack – this is by WordPress. It allows you to enhance your website in many amazing ways including faster load time, social networking integrations etc.

  13. Contact Form 7 – it provides for easy management and customization of multiple forms of your contacts and their mails.

  14. Limit Login Attempts – this plug-in is self-explanatory by its title. It prevents brute force attack by blocking access after a fixed number of tries has been completed.

  15. Mail Chimp – this WordPress plug-in will help you get more mail subscribers by adding easy login and sign up boxes on your website.

The Importance of hiring a professional for WordPress Development

Now, while it is easy for all to install plug-ins, what may not be easy is selecting from the thousands available. There are some free and some paid ones. There are some which offer the functionality of 2 others so then you do not need to install different ones. Moreover, some plug-ins can even slow the load time of a website. These decisions can be easily taken by an expert Web Development company such as NcodeTechnologies.com. They have built and helped in hosting dozens of successful running WordPress sites in their rich 10 year history.

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