Custom Website Design Vis-À-Vis Templates – What’s Your Choice?

  • September 10, 2012
  • Ashish Shah
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As a business owner, you certainly must have realized the importance of utilizing a website to create an online presence for your business. Therefore, the appearance along with the look & feel of your website also matter a lot when it comes to professionalism and credibility. The business potential of your website, therefore, is directly proportional to your website’s professional appearance.

Despite the knowledge about a website’s capability and potential to boost business, many customers do not understand the difference between a utilizing a custom website and going in for a website template. Hence, before you start your web development efforts, you need to make inquiries about using custom website design and templates.

Both are typically different approaches and involve radically different strategies. When it comes to custom website design, many online merchants feel that it’s an expensive affair. This perception alters their mindset and makes them go in for template design instead. However, custom website design isn’t as expensive as you think so. Besides, there are distinct benefits and advantages of this process.

You get a unique design that creates a sole and exclusive impression on the buyers. Therefore, unlike templates, your website will have a different look and feel than anyone else. Custom designed websites tend to be more search engine friendly as well as adaptable to your company’s branding efforts. Scalability along with adaptability is yet another factor. You will be able to scale up or scale down your website depending upon your business needs.

On the contrary, website design involving templates have a totally different rationale. You may use templates if you want inspiring colors, layouts, and features. However, templates are best used when the web development needs are minimal or you have absolutely low budgets for developing your business or personal website.

You might utilize a template when you want your website up and run as soon as possible. Though the development time may be short, there will not be much that you can do to customize it. Hence, unless you pay the exclusive price for a template, there will be many others utilizing the same template for their websites, thereby taking away your exclusive advantage. Thus, keep in mind factors like SEO, customization, look and feel, and uniqueness while deciding between a template and custom website design.

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