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  • June 30, 2020
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DevOps Consulting Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted unusual incidents on markets across the world. With almost no notice, nearly the entire industry world has been thrust into remote working.

Entangled in the new normal, the IT businesses are being tested on their alertness, and the capability to deliver software products and assistance immediately to secure business announcement. However, the effective adoption of DevOps can help organisations quickly deliver value to end-users.

Even though DevOps has been a purpose for many IT firms for years, the work-from-home entity has shortened the timeline for DevOps selection.

DevOps has become a vestige imperative for companies to assure business continuity.

As per the market surveys, the DevOps market is predicted to reach USD 10.31 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 24.7%.

DevOps Aiding Remote Work

DevOps is, by default, produced for remote workspaces. It highlights an automated software development methodology which doesn’t modify if the team works remotely or on-premise.

Due to its independent and distributed nature, DevOps can provide all the essential boost to business deliveries during the current pandemic.

Leveraging DevOps during COVID-19 Pandemic

DevOps Consulting Services

  1. Relying on Continuous Delivery (CD)

DevOps intends to enhance speed and flexibility with Continuous Delivery (CD). CD promotes the self-regulation of the software delivery method to allow guaranteed and convenient deployments. The DevOps team can practice an automatic trigger to release error-free code into production regularly.

With CD, the DevOps team can-

  • Continually deploy working software
  • Appropriate a foreseen deployment pipeline
  • Guarantee that code is in a deployable state

Conventionally, deployment is often thought a sluggish method that involves code freezes. However, with CD, the variations are almost insignificant and don’t demand implementing code freezes.

  1. Decoupling Release and Deployment

The financial risk influenced by the ongoing pandemic makes it troublesome to take risks. Prefacing a new software product or service may further cause a financial burden. However, DevOps can empower organizations to practice striking risks during software development even in this pandemic.

Separating ‘Release’ from ‘Deployment’ is the needed DevOps strategy.

By distributing release from deployment, the product team can handle the risk of delivering features to end-users, while the developing team continuously delivers software. One of the best ways to distribute release and deployment is by practising a feature flag or feature toggle software.

  1. Embracing a Holistic Approach

One of the DevOps’ perspectives often ignored is the cultural transformation from a determined IT Ops team to an energetic DevOps team. Guarantee to develop a holistic approach by integrating various teams and processes through any digital initiative. The holistic proposition supports the DevOps teams to work collaboratively with product and development teams, expediting more organizational attachment. The DevOps team seems authorised to make choices on par with customer-related business goals.

  1. Moving Ahead with DevOps

During the COVID-19 crisis, a powerful DevOps strategy not only helps end-users but also has concrete implications for the organization internally. DevOps encourages IT businesses to release software products instantly while maintaining high quality and authenticity. It empowers cross-functional teams to be more adaptable and make cleverer decisions during the unpredictable conditions that need bold actions rather than small, incremental changes.

In Conclusion

DevOps have all the characteristics to help IT businesses to comfort in the ongoing pandemic. However, it’s essential for the DevOps Software Development Services company and teams to efficiently use DevOps methodologies and some best practices to utilise it as never before. Interested in Learning More About DevOps Consulting Services? we can help your organization implement the best DevOps practices.

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