Is Parking a Chaos? Google Maps is all you need!

  • January 27, 2017
  • Ashish Shah
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“Google Maps” is the only one which can be considered as reliable way finder around the globe. With “Google Maps” you can reach to your destination in shortest time period by following the smallest path as suggested by the voice of lady heading us with help of this app. Certainly, in this short interval of time we have become dependent on “Google Maps” when it comes to finding a way to any place we desire to reach. It actually takes us to anywhere and everywhere where we want to be at that moment of time.

For the lovers of this great app, there is something else which is waiting to get admired by you. “Google Maps” is now coming with its new option which will help you in parking your vehicle. The feature is included in the beta version of the app and available for Android 4.3 and so on.

Basically the app is going to help you to find the way for your desired destination and at the same time will update you about the nearest parking available. The “P” icon popping up on your phone screen while using the app will let you know about the space available for parking in the surrounding.

Simply Google Maps has shifted all the burden of driving and rigidity to find a place for parking on its shoulders. So, keep calm and let “Google Maps” do the rest of maths while driving.

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