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  • October 12, 2020
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B2B e-commerce is on the highest pick right now to transform the retail industry like never before. During the pandemic situation, the annual B2B growth rate has exceeded even the B2C segment sales. According to the reports, US B2B E-Commerce would estimate for nearly 17% of all B2B sales by the year 2023.

It is getting highly competing and switching to the virtual platforms ditching the brick-and-mortar stores. With the changing time, B2B store owners are also focusing on providing the best user experience with the best products and their prices. That has arisen the need for choosing the right e-commerce platform to keep up with the current pace and have a flourishing business.

NopCommerce web development has inbuilt features to support and enrich the B2B store. In this blog, I have mentioned some of the NopCommerce features that one can leverage for their own B2B store.

1. In-built multi-vendor functionality
You can connect n number of suppliers to your store to turn it into a large marketplace. You just have to follow the simple process to get the multi-vendor functionality for your store, ditching the process of installing the extension integration them and more.

The store owner can grant access to the vendors for the admin panel to manage their products, review sales so they could manage their products, review sales reports, and order details regarding their products. Each vendor can have their own dashboard that leaves no space that can create a void with other vendor’s activities. We have mentioned more about it in the previous blog, the signification of a multi-vendor NopCommerce e-commerce web store.

The advanced setting allows the store owners to provide access permission to make vendors’ activities automated. The store owner will be responsible for some functionalities like vendor’s name should be demonstrated to the customers or whether your customers can apply to the vendor’s account and communicate with existing vendors, whether vendors can edit info to present personal information in public store etc.

2. Advanced account settings
NopCommerce development services provide a feature to assign different roles for your customers and determine special terms for each role. You can also forbid or provide access to certain areas of your site based on their roles. You can also set different prices and available payment and shipping methods for each group of customers like users from different companies or B2C and B2B clients.

It allows customization for each customer to specify whether they should be tax-exempt, whether they should show the name of their company during the registration, and so on. You can choose the authentication mode as allowing registration after email confirmation or after manual approval of the store administrator. You can even display the prices of the products to the registered customers.

3. Flexible price options
NopCommerce e-commerce store development, one can offer various pricing structures for different groups of customers and provide options like “Call for Price” for valuable items to make users contact your sales team. You can set tier pricing to offer special prices for huge amounts of products.

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You can activate or deactivate everything in the admin panel in just a few clicks. You can also set the specification for some products that should be available for pre-order or available upon request only. You can also create PDF invoices with NopCommerce development services.

4. Integrations with CRM and ERP systems
The feature that top my list is the integration of NopCommerce store with any corporate system your company uses like CRM or ERP. It is more advisable to go for NopCommerce e-commerce store development company as it requires in-depth knowledge of coding and NopCommerce or you can simply pick one of the ready-made integrations with CRM and ERP systems available on the marketplace.

5. Easy customization
The benefit that any B2B sphere can leverage is NopCommerce is an open-source platform. It provides an opportunity to manage and alter every single element of the platform to satisfy the requirements of your company. The architecture of NopCommerce makes the customization process easier.

6. Fast and stable work
NopCommerce is developed to provide a high-performative and secured Microsoft framework. The web stores developed on NopCommerce can work seamlessly even with the large catalogue if you know how to manage the store.

You can even covert your small store to a large marketplace hassle-free as your business grows. NopCommerce is enriched with many functionalities like in-built security level and many more that you might need for your store.

NopCommerce has Something for Everyone
In the end, we can say that NopCommerce development services provide the base for every e-commerce starting from start-ups to global corporations, including B2B and B2C operations. Store owners can provide thousands of products, accept multiple currencies, and integrate with suppliers and shipping services.

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