Joomla Offers an Easy Way to Keep Your Website Updated

  • February 25, 2013
  • Ashish Shah
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The term ‘CMS’ has become increasingly popular in the recent times. It stands for Content Management System and is used during the construction of websites and web applications. Now, the reason why its popularity has ascended so steeply is because of the convenience it offers to the website owners. They can alter the content of their website anytime without requiring the help of a technical expert.

While there are many CMS available in the market, few are user-friendly and even fewer are open source. If you are looking for a content management system which is robust, user-friendly and open source- all at the same time, there is nowhere you could look except Joomla.

Why Joomla? There are various reasons that you can quote for using Joomla. The first is that it is open source and hence free of cost. This brings the overall cost of website development down. Moreover, it offers various different admin features to enhance the development and maintenance process.

When it comes to the site’s development, you would be suggested to hire an experienced Joomla website design company. It would be able to give you the kind of customization in Joomla template design that is desired to enhance the quality of the work. However, once the process of Joomla website development is consummated; you can take complete control of its maintenance.

Here are a few great Joomla tools that you can use to maintain your site with ease:

Content Management:

Given the dynamic world of business, you would be regularly required to alter your existing content or upload newer articles and news pieces. This procedure can be made very simple with Joomla. All you are supposed to do is to go to the Back End Admin section of your website, visit the ‘Article Manager’ section and choose the options of editing that suit you.

Add Articles:

You can also add new articles. This also happens through the ‘Article Manager’ section of Joomla. You would find there an option of adding new articles (It might be presented with a green colored ‘+’ mark in certain versions). Click on that option and follow the wizard for a simple and brisk addition of new articles.

Add Pages:

What if you want to add new pages to your website? This isn’t difficult either. Simply go to the ‘Menu’ tab and select the menu where you want to add a new page. Hit the option of ‘Add menu item’ and you would be able to go through the entire procedure with ease.

Therefore, managing Joomla websites are simple. You can ask your Joomla web design company to provide you training in the initial period and you can then be on your own.

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