Laravel: The Most Preferred PHP Framework for Web Development!

  • August 26, 2019
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Many reasons in the IT industry have proved that Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework. Developing a web application for any business is a tedious task, and it requires choosing the right PHP framework. There are many options available that can make developers confused, but Laravel has become extremely popular in fast few years.
Why is Laravel a Preferred PHP Framework?

Here in this guide, we have mentioned a few reasons that make it so much popular, check them out below:

A simple implementation of authentication techniques
This makes the implementation of any technique easier and offers an easy option to manage authorized logic. Everything is configured extremely, and it is easy to control access to resources with Laravel. Laravel Development Companies in India fined Laravel beneficial in so many ways.

It offers Artisan, which is a built-in tool for the command line. Usually, developers have to use command lines to handle and create such a project and handle a Laravel project environment, but this tool makes things easier by allowing developers to perform tough and repetitive programming tasks.

Programs no need to do these tasks manually. Top Laravel Development Company in India understands the need for such tools, so they go with it.

Object-oriented libraries:
There are many PHP frameworks, but none of them offers benefits of pre-installed or object-oriented libraries. These authenticated libraries are easy to install and implement. These libraries are available for various amazing features such as encryption, CSRF protection, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, and more. You need to find out the Best Laravel Development Company to get your next web application developed.

Every web development company thinks about offering secure web application as this is the need of today’s world. Laravel can be the right option when it comes to making web application safe to use and secure. It takes care of secure factors within its framework as it uses hashed and salted password.

In a database, such passwords never save in plain text. Generating password’s encrypted representation can be possible with it as it employs Bcrypt hashing algorithm. It also employs prepared SQL statements that further ensure the security of the web application. This framework provides various security features.

It supports MVC architecture
It offers Model-View-Controller (MVC) Support that is enough to ensure clarity between presentation and logic. Model-View-Controller allows better documentation, improve performance, and available with various built-in functionalities.

Database Migration
Keeping the database in sync between development machines can be painful for the developers, but with this framework, things can be extremely easy. Making lots of changes to the database after long work hours using any other option will not be a great way to sync database.

You can use this framework and migrate the changes to other machines without any hassle.

Responsible interface
With the release Laravel 5.8, a new feature is added to it named responsible interface. This is a class and used for interface implementation.

These are a few reasons that make it the most popular. If you are looking for someone to use the best framework to build your web application, then choose the best Laravel Development Company that believes in offering reliable, robust and secure application to its all sorts of clients. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Laravel Development.

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