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  • August 14, 2013
  • Ashish Shah
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If you are planning to develop a robust Ecommerce store, it is imperative that you make use of a robust software. Magento development can be the perfect medium for having Ecommerce platforms that sell.

magento development company indiaMagento development in India is slowly growing as one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms online. The software tool has been instrumental in making shopping online easy for people, all across the globe. No need of shopping in crowded streets, the technology today has brought the whole shopping world to the world wide web. E-business solutions are making huge amounts of profits.

Magento development companies from India have a wealth of experience in the field of web design and development. Here are some of the Magento development features because of which it is emerging as the most preferred e-commerce platforms for developing e-store websites:

  • Template customization: Various custom modules and plugin extensions can be used to customize templates depending on the website requirements. Magento developers from India know the suited templates suited for business purposes. Appearance of the website is a critical aspect of any webpage; web templates improve the appearance and enhance the number of hits.
  • Options for zooming product images, tools for price comparison, customer account details, meta tags, description and shopping category links.
  • Search engine optimization features so that the webpage can climb the ladders on search engine results and attract more traffic
  • Sharing the products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc is possible. The advertising scope online is huge and once these platforms are tapped, expect more clicks on the e-store. Also, there are banner ad modules to display latest discount offers.
  • Systematic site management: Visitor statistics can be checked. This helps in finding out what products do people search for the most.

Magento development companies in India have grown in the past few years. These companies have expert professionals who are in high demand in India thanks to many businesses looking for marketing products online. Before zeroing in on any professional firm, the experience of the company must be checked. There should be proper assessment of the skill-sets the professionals possess. Hire a Magento developer from India by looking at the previous e-stores made by him and getting reviews from the previous clients the company has worked with.

Hire professionals who have a vast amount of experience in developing websites for e-commerce solutions. The programmer must be comfortable with Magento development tools and should have a good knowledge of the trend in the market.

Outsourcing the task of Magento development helps save a lot of cost and time. Offshore companies especially in India have professionals in the field of e-store development who are highly skilled and trained. It is better to trust the job into the hands of a high quality offshore company and focus on the other aspects of online business strategies.

With the advancement in technology, there have been so many e-stores that have come up and offer online shopping options. The range of selection, ease of payment, high security of personal transactions makes them highly powerful tools for marketing products and services. Magento development is undoubtedly the best solution for any e-store.

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