How to offer Great User Experience on Your Travel Portal?

  • July 25, 2017
  • Ashish Shah
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How to offer Great User Experience on Your Travel Portal

The technology behind the customer acquisition and retention has become more of a science than of an art. A number of factors are required to be kept in mind while designing a website. A website becomes successful only when all the parameters to make the customer feel convenient while navigating through it are met without any glitch. Like all other businesses, a travel business also demands a highly interactive and user-friendly website for more traffic and satisfied customer on your site.

This article deals with all those tips that you may include in your travel website design to make it more acceptable and convenient website for your customers to visit again and again. Let’s check them out.

Do your homework first

The customer is the main target of your website. So, you need to understand every customer to their depth while working on a portal development for travel agency. Listen and absorb what you come across. With whatever piece of information, you get research to the depth, examine every piece of document with fine-tooth-comb only then you could have the most accurate information for your website designing.

Act as an advocate for the customer

Many a time we confuse customer’s to be our client. In every designing project, there is a set objective which needs to be accurately met by the UX designers.

Less is really exact

The tasks to be performed by the customers while browsing through your site should be cut to very minimum and this should be the main motto of a successful travel website development. All those extra things that clutter the site need to be chucked smartly. While designing your strategy should be “less is more”.

Use attractive huge images

An integral part of a travel website is pictures. The more bright and attractive pictures on your site the more would be the traffic. They act as the most important sales drivers as a whole. Big and bright pictures of destinations and hotel rooms are sure to keep your visitors glued to your site.

Customer reviews to be kept simple

In case of booking hotels and travel destinations, customers first look for other customer reviews. So, an easy finding and reading of the customer reviews help the new customers decide and act without time waste. Review ratings and stars act as great stimulant in terms of decision making.

Elements of travel portal development company

Few important elements like responsive web design to be clearly visible on any device, Search Engine Optimization for on top listing in Google, CTA (Call To Action) buttons, evocative and interesting contents, the listing of offers and deals makes the travel site more pulling for the customers.

Keep pricing clear without hidden fees

It is obvious for a customer to bounce back when he finds hidden charges and taxes. So, you should remember to incorporate some easy ways to include the charges in a crystal clear manner whatever it may be. Through this, you can provide the customers great user clarity in every aspect.

Simple checkout

Last but not the least “all is well that ends well”. At the end, the overall experience of the travel portal is determined through the checkout procedure. If the checkout procedure is hassle free, multi gateway supportive and multi language enabled the customer gets the ultimate security of having spent money in the right way. All your efforts to create a great user experience gets justice only when you give your customers an equally good checkout procedure.


All these tips can make your travel site one best site to explore over & again by your customers and help you turn every footfall into a successful deal. For more technical tips and procedures for richer user experience, you should ask our expert developer .

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