Open Source CMS Joomla Hits 25 Million Downloads

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Open source content management system Joomla ( announced on Tuesday that it has reached more than 25 million downloads. Recently, Jooml…

Open Source Development – the Future is Bright

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The present era has seen rapid progress in open source development. Open Source is slowly becoming the mainstay in web development around the world. E…

CMS Development – For Websites That Require Dynamic Content Regularly

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Today’s websites have become all the more complex and dynamic necessitating the need for managing their content in a much more dynamic and professio…

Microsoft Sharepoint Provides Unparalleled Collaboration

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Author: Steve Caplan Microsoft SharePoint Offers Unparalleled Collaboration It would seem that Microsoft’s SharePoint is transforming the way in…

Joomla! 1.7 Alpha Released

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The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the availability of Joomla 1.7 Alpha 1 for download – on time and on target. This is the first release…

Software Application Development – The Need for Quality Applications in Today’s Business Scenario

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Software applications are crucial for the smooth running of business processes in any modern organization that utilizes computing power for its day-to…

Custom Website Design – The Surefire Way to Business Success

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Any business operates in a complicated world today. The complex forms of interactions that business owners have with their potential and actual custom…

Web Application Development – Is Customizing The Only Way Out?

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Designers who are given the tasks of creating new websites always face a quandary. This predicament is related to whether a prebuilt application can b…

6 Advantages ASP.NET over Other Web Development Platforms


ASP.NET is a vital component of the DOT Net framework and is a standard and stable tool for present day software programmers and developers for buildi…

OsCommerce Website Development: Taking Online Business to New Heights

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OsCommerce is open source ecommerce software that is gaining a lot of momentum presently. This article takes a brief look at OsCommerce website develo…