The Dynamic CEO of NCode Technologies Gives Amazing Insights on his Business Ethics to GoodFirms’ Team

  • February 22, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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NCode Technologies, Inc. with a vision to revolutionize the IT sector was founded in 2006 by Ashish Shah who is also the CEO of the firm today. Based in Ahmedabad and New Jersey, NCode provides Web, Ecommerce and Mobile App development services in addition to CMS and Digital Marketing services all over the globe. Celebrating 7+ years in business today, they have served more than 700 clients with a record of over 1500 projects delivered. These projects have laid its mark in 60+ countries providing them superior branding.

Skin Quest, Cable applications, BSB Fashions, SNG International, Clinidirect are few among the list of its promising clients. These clients affirm giving their positive feedbacks backing that NCode builds brands and not only provides services for monetary gain. Their innovativeness and adaptability bestow them such a preferred service provider.

Recently the Founder and CEO of NCode- Mr. Ashish Shah was interviewed to hear from his own journey through a rollercoaster of reaching such an epitome. He introduces his company as his vision to turn his passion for development into a firm providing the best IT services in the world.

Specifically talking about the objectives and parameters taken into consideration by his firm while developing the Ecommerce apps, he tells that the heads behind deciding the parameters and working on them are their amazing business analysis teammates. He even states those parameters namely Features, Customization, Payment Gateway, Shipping Method, Ecommerce Platform, Taxation Calculation, etc. They make sure to clear micro-things at both the ends before coming to the financial discussion.

There are numerous such other factors that lead it among the top ecommerce development companies in the USA at GoodFirms. Discussing among them are the peculiar products they serve and their superior quality. Commenting on the business model they use which has led them to such higher profits, he says that they prefer a variety of customers and do not focus on a single or a few industrial sectors. This gives them room for innovation and exploration.

They serve their clients through the whole process from designing to deployment with the same zest they propose and more at times which builds the trust of their clients and product delivery day becomes a win-win day for both. In addition to catering multiple sectors, they also cater to all small, medium and large industries and not restricting them to anyone. The client repetition rate is also high as observed.

Apart from the services in Ecommerce development, according to the research by GoodFirms, the company also gives amazing web development activities for which it is expected to be ranked among the top web development companies globally at GoodFirms. Talking about its other services, they prosper in digital marketing services and mobile app development also. Their SEO experts help their clients to reach their target audience. The boost in sales of the clients’ website is majorly an outcome of this.

He even shared their feedback on how the research of GoodFirms has helped them and how the platform as a whole adds to their brand. He replied by stating that GoodFirms helps in reaching their targeted audience and generating referral traffic for the company.

To know more on the parameters to keep in mind while selecting an apt platform for Ecommerce app development among Magento, Shopify etc. have a quick read of the detailed interview at the GoodFirms platform. Mr. Shah also mentions there about the cost prospects to keep in mind and the kind of content management systems to deploy.

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Ashish Shah

Ashish Shah is the Founder and CEO of NCode Technologies, Inc. a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company based in India. He is the chief mentor and strategist with over 10+ years of experience in providing various IT solution to different industries. He also likes to share his view on different technology and marketing techniques via different blogs and articles.

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