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What is a Node.js Framework?

Node.js framework is a compound of libraries, helpers, and tools that offer a process to build and operate web applications in an uncomplicated way. A node.js framework builds the base layer for creating a web app. The most important features of node.js framework, which will rare to find in any web framework, are its architecture and features such as assistance for customization, flexibility, security, compatibility with different libraries.

Top Node.js Frameworks


Express is a popular, fast, and flexible Model view controller Node.js framework that provides a convincing collection of features for the web as well as mobile application development. It has an amazing API that allows users to configure various routes to send/receive requests within the front end and database (which acts as an HTTP server framework).

Moreover, Express arrives with a view system that encourages more than 14 template engines and content negotiation.

Express.js Stats
• Express.js is attaining popularity with time.
From the statistics of the number of websites made with express.js is growing every year. And yes, it can be easily foretold (on the basis of these stats) that this trend is going to stay consistent for several upcoming years.
• Express.js has more than 41k Github stars

Express.js Advantages & Disadvantages

• Quick application development
• I/O demand taking care of
• Open-source community
• Direct coordination of outsider administration
• Simple to learn
• Code organization
• Logic of modules
• Occasion driven callbacks


Meteor is a quite easy full-stack node.js framework for building mobile as well as web applications. It is harmonious with web iOS, Android, or desktop. Moreover, this node.js framework offers application development very clarified by granting a platform for the whole tier of the application to be in the same language, javascript. Meteor.js has the ability to work with large projects such as reaction commerce which is one of the largest and most popular eCommerce open source projects.

Meteorjs stats

• Meteor.js is gaining popularity with time.
We can clearly see that there was an abrupt improvement in the number of websites made using meteor.js at the inception of 2018. Moreover, the statistics also show a linear increase in this number in the year 2019.

On the basis of this stat, it can easily be forecasted that this trend is going to stay consistent in several upcoming years.

• Meteor.js has more than 40k GitHub stars

Meteor.js Advantages & Disadvantages

• Set of packages and libraries
• Constant testing tool
• Debugging
• Consistent client-server communication
• No rendering on the server-side
• No inbuilt support for progressive web apps
• Absence of native widget library
• Absence of MongoDB support


Koa.js is a new web framework that was created by developers behind Express. It uses ES2017 async functions. It is conceived of as a smaller, more powerful, and more strong foundation for creating web applications and APIs. Moreover, Koa does not bundle any middleware inside the core, which means the middlewares are more smooth and each line of code is considerably simple and granular. Also, it authorizes you to structure the elements in the way you want. Furthermore, Koa operates async functions to analyze error handling.

• Koa.js has more than 23k Github stars.

Koa.js Advantages & Disadvantages

• Risen above Generators functions
• Code is considerably more reasonable
• Lightweight
• Backing for Sync/ anticipate catchphrases
• Not fine with express style middleware
• A small community for support
• Not compatible with Node.js framework middleware


Sails.js is a realtime MVC web development framework for node.js built on Express. The MVC architecture resembles frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Moreover, it encourages the further modern, data-driven style of web app and API development. Sails.js is able to generate an API bookstore. For instance, sails allow you some basic blueprints and you do not need to write any code. Furthermore, Sails.js is also suitable for nearly all frontend technologies extending from React, Angular, Android/Java, Windows Phone, etc.

Sails.js stats
• Sails.js is gaining popularity with time. You can look at the statistics mentioned below.

According to the statistic shows that the number of websites made using sails.js is increasing with time. On the basis of the statistic, one can easily prophesy that the usage of sails.js is going to increase in the upcoming years.
• Sails.js has more than 19.8k Github stars

Sails.js Advantages & Disadvantages

• support
• Store data at any location
• Rest API building process is fast
• Differentiates business logic from user-interface
• Free generation of JSON API
• Slow framework
• Poor management
• Time-consuming development

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