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  • June 22, 2022
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Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce portals in the world. As of September 2021, over 29% of e-commerce websites use Shopify. According to a Forbes report, 62% of the surge in Shopify growth was seen during the pandemic.

Here hiring a dedicated Shopify developer can give you a competitive edge. You can customize your online store to improve user experience and boost ROI. Customized Shopify stores can also lead to more sales and a loyal customer base.

Cool, right?

But, if you are wondering — why should I hire dedicated Shopify developer when I can select a Shopify theme and easily create an online shop?

Well, let’s walk through this post to understand why Shopify developers are essential to building a successful e-commerce business today.
Why Use Shopify to Create Your Digital Shop?
Shopify is a competent e-commerce platform with point-of-sale features that helps you to run, grow and mature your online business. It is a simple and interactive platform for creating innovative online stores. Besides this, using Shopify to create your digital store is beneficial because:

SEO-friendly store

Shopify enables you to create SEO-friendly websites to rank higher on search engines. It has several SEO features to optimize your online store. For example, you can select mobile-friendly themes and optimize product images to load faster.

Highly secure

E-commerce portals have to deal with sensitive information like customers’ credit card details. Therefore, a small security lapse can lead to a major financial and reputation loss for e-commerce businesses.

Shopify has reliable security tools. It takes care of PCI compliance and SSL certificates to encrypt all your website data. In addition, Shopify can upgrade your servers and maintain them to provide high-quality security to your customers.

Excellent customer support

Shopify offers a 24 x 7 customer support system. You can connect with the Shopify team via email, chat, or phone. Besides this, you can find several Shopify communities, forums, blogs, and Shopify University guides to run your online business smoothly.

Fully customizable

There are more than 160 mobile responsive Shopify themes available to select from. All the Shopify themes are fully customizable. So, you can hire a dedicated Shopify developer, and they will easily create a unique online shop based on your products and audience requirements.

Marketing toolkit

Shopify comes with a complete marketing toolkit to promote your online business with a few clicks. You can integrate your Shopify website with social media channels, run email marketing campaigns or launch different deals.

Shopify made it easy to create discount codes and gift vouchers. In addition, you can get a complete Shopify marketing toolkit and help from professional Shopify marketing experts to grow your online business.
Why There Is a Need to Hire a Shopify Developer?
Shopify is a non-technical platform with several pre-made themes. So, there is no need to hire an expert Shopify developer!

And that’s where most companies make mistakes. They don’t hire Shopify developers because they think their non-technical staff can easily manage the online shop. But that’s not the case.

Shopify has amazing themes, but you have to optimize them to meet your needs. In addition, to make your site load faster and improve CX, Shopify developers’ technical skills are required.

At NCode, we often recommend Shopify store owners hire competent developers to:

Maintain brand consistency

If your e-commerce store looks similar to your competition’s store, how can you build a unique brand identity?

Thus, you need a dedicated Shopify developer to personalize your selected Shopify theme to meet your brand’s color and tone. Shopify developers can use their HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Liquid skills to customize your Shopify store.

In addition, Shopify developers are also familiar with Timber (Shopify’s Theme Framework) and Bootstrap framework to create a responsive website for all devices.

SEO aligned website

Selecting a beautiful Shopify theme, catchy name and stunning images are not sufficient to grow your online business today. You need your Shopify store aligned with SEO to rank higher on search engines.

That’s because when your website appears in the Google search, you can only generate organic traffic and boost your sales.

Your Shopify developer can help you create a responsive and fast-loading website meeting all SEO guidelines. In addition, developers can design a website layout that makes search engines rank your website higher.

Focus on your business

You are an entrepreneur, not a developer. If you spend most of your day managing your Shopify website, you will not get sufficient time to run your other business operations.

So, you can let professionals handle your Shopify store while you focus on promoting and expanding your business.

Expand your store functionality

Do you want to provide an awesome experience to your customers? If so, your simple Shopify theme is not sufficient. You need to add more functions and features to your Shopify theme to impress your customers.

And your Shopify developer can help you with it. Developers can integrate your Shopify website with other marketing and business automation tools. For example, a Shopify developer can integrate your website with Mailchimp for better email marketing.

Besides this, several other apps are available on the Shopify App Store to improve the functionality of your store. Developers can help to select the right app that will not increase pressure on your website servers.
How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Shopify Developer?
To be honest, it is hard to tell a fixed sum that Shopify developers charge for a project. Multiple factors impact the cost of hiring a Shopify developer, such as:

● Project size. How many functions do you want to include in your Shopify store? How big or small is your Shopify project? How many technical skills are required to build your customized online store?

● Expertise level. Usually, Shopify developers are ranked in three categories – front-end developers, back-end developers and full-stack developers. As you might have already guessed, hiring a full-stack Shopify developer costs more than front-end and back-end developers.

● Locality. The geographical location of your Shopify developers also impacts their costs. For example, hiring a Shopify developer from India is less expensive than hiring from the US. As of February 2022, Shopify developers’ average salary in India is ₹3 lakhs.

So, we recommend contacting the NCode team to know the exact Shopify development cost based on your project size and the expertise level required.

Want to Hire a Professional Shopify Developer?

To hire a professional shop developer to customize your online store, you should consider three simple factors—

● Ensure to check the experience level of the developer
● Make sure that the developer has adequate skills to complete your project
● Check the per hour rates or fixed sum charged by the developer to complete your project

However, if you don’t have time to check the experience levels, skills and prices of different Shopify developers, you can simply contact us. We have competent Shopify developers in our team who can turn around your big or small projects in no time. Plus, we offer highly competitive rates.

So, let’s schedule an appointment today!

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