Why Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform?

  • June 23, 2023
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Shopify is the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform by companies. Be it a startup or a well-establishment e-commerce site, they prefer using Shopify since it is loaded with a lot of features and makes the shopping experience of patrons a breeze and the best. It also allows the company owners to expand the website with ease by adding more products. With Shopify, you can set up an online store in no time to sell your products or services to customers. However, to build a functional and appealing e-commerce store with Shopify, you need to hire a dedicated Shopify developer who has extensive knowledge of working on this platform for a long time. There are thousands of templates, plugins, tools and features available to design the online store as per your preferences.

Hiring an expert Shopify developer makes the job simple. They can resolve the issues that you come across with the product listing, slow loading of the pages, performance issues, running campaigns and shipping-related problems.

What Shopify developer does?

The Shopify development company will have a pool of Shopify developers who can help you set up the online store by understanding your requirements thoroughly. They also offer maintenance of the service round the clock. In case of any issues, they will resolve them immediately and put your website back in working condition in no time. While creating the online store, there is a lot of importance given to choosing the UI/UX theme. Since the right theme can grab the attention of users to glue to your website and shop.

When the usage of a website is tricky, the bounce rates will be high. So, the best developers will design a website that is simple even for all customers to shop and make it stand out from your competitors. Hiring the right team will help you build the best website.

Importance of hiring Shopify developers

The main goal of a Shopify developer is to build an online store that is rich, intuitive and highly functional so that the sales figure of the store would be high. They also customize the store website according to the brand theme and integrate various components like payment gateways. The Shopify web developers have extensive knowledge in building, launching and maintaining e-commerce stores successfully. The developers have a good amount of knowledge of web development, various web design elements, and technical knowledge to build a strong website. They also know the admin system to configure the settings.

The developers of the Shopify development company will customize different visual elements, set up components and will tweak the theme customizations. They are capable enough to build full-stack web apps and have sound knowledge of different programming languages.

Reasons why the Shopify platform is the best

Few of the reasons why Shopify has been the first choice of entrepreneurs who would want to start an online store.

Easy to host

Web hosting is the biggest challenge when you want to launch your online store. To host the shopping cart, you would need some technical expertise and support. Not all startups can afford to have full-time expertise in place. The cloud-based setup and hosting make it easy for online stores not to worry about maintaining their servers and databases. You can gain access to the store anytime just by using the admin credentials and making the necessary changes. It also supports you to handle payment gateways that make the job even more simple.

Access to marketing tools

There are many marketing tools available on this platform. The Shopify development company will make use of it to make your website top the ranking on the search engine results. You can easily add meta descriptions, meta titles, page titles, and unique URLs and make only the required pages to be visible to customers. The store can also be optimized based on your preferences. The best thing is that the website is also easier to be integrated with different social media platforms thus boosting brand promotions.

Excellent technical support

Technical assistance is what is required to run an online store. Shopify will offer round-the-clock support. In case of any glitch with the platform, you can reach out to the support team or live chat with them.

Offer enough security and maintain quick page loading time

Page loading time matters a lot. If the website does not open quickly, then the customer would prefer to switch to another store that offers the best shopping experience. Shopify offers quick loading time. When you hire a dedicated Shopify developer, this person will make sure to fix the page loading issues to ensure that it stimulates sales. The security is also high since there are a lot of transactions that happen online. The built-in speed checker will make sure to complete the payment processing briskly.

Keep errors and duplicate issues at bay

When you are manually entering the data in multiple places, there are chances of duplicity and errors. However, this will be kept at bay by the Shopify platform. It uses automated solutions to simplify the data entry process and keep duplicate data at bay.

Rich functionality

The advanced functionality will come in the form of plugins which you can easily download and install on the platform to customize the site and make it much user-friendlier. The platform is not just confined to social media promotions and increasing sales but also helps you manage inventory, accounting and business reporting. The autoresponder integration will let the customers receive automatic emails once the order is placed, the amount is paid and is ready for shipping.

Own payment gateway

The effective part about the Shopify platform is that it has a payment gateway which you can integrate into the online store with ease. This is through which customers will pay the store. There are different payment methods available. This payment gateway will also not charge any transaction fee. The best thing is that you do not need to maintain any merchant account to use this gateway.

Why hire Dedicated Shopify developers?

Create a customized website

The development company will develop and design the online store the way you want. It also customizes based on the categories you want. There are also themes available to reap professional results.

Use third-party APIs to optimize the store

If you want to take your online store to another level, you need to make improvements to the online store regularly. For this, you would need some external components. When you hire a dedicated Shopify developer, this person uses the knowledge and experience to integrate the online store with third-party APIs such as inventory, accounting, ERP, payments, social media and CRM.

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