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Whether you want to optimize a store or an ROI, it always demands extra efforts from your end. The third-party plugins can work as those extra efforts for your WordPress store. Using appropriate tools guarantee the optimization of your store and significant growth of sales. It is more convenient to build an e-commerce store with the help of WooCommerce and adding official plugins can work as extra add on. But the primary WooCommerce plugins are nit at efficient as they should be and that can lack the flexibility for running an eCommerce store the way you want.

Therefore the need for additional tools and extensions came in the picture to boost your store’s sales. There are more than thousands efficient plugins available to ease the development process. But choosing the best suited for your e-commerce store can be though one. So, we are here to rescue you. We have broken up the best suited WooCommerce plugin roundup into categories. Let’s dive right in…

Best WooCommerce Plugins
Picking the wrong plugin for your e-commerce store can create a mess in your store and might affect the functionality of the store. To rescue you from the situation here, we have categorised some of the best plugins available that can increase your revenue without comprising your site’s performance.

Payment Gateway

RazorPay for WooCommerce

• RazorPay for WooCommerce
Razorpay’s Payment Gateway handles the end-to-end payments. They have done all the work for you, so you don’t have to go through the pain of designing and developing the checkouts. One of the amazing features of Razorpay is Flash Checkout. Flash checkout is a checkout form that you can add to your e-commerce store with just a single line of code.

• Payment modes: It allows one to process the payments through cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, and many other payment modes.
• Checkout and global card saving: It provides an opportunity for seamless transaction everywhere by providing an easy-to-integrate Checkout with cards stored across businesses.
• Powerful dashboard: The dashboard provides detailed reports and statistics on payments, settlements, refunds and much more that can help to make better business decisions.

• Robust security: PCI DSS Level 1 submissive along with frequent third-party audits and a dedicated internal security team to secure the data.
• International payments: Support for payments in 100 foreign currencies
That’s not all! Here are some more benefits of using Razorpay’s Payment Gateway:

• No redirects. Retain user focus on your product
• Better conversions than ever
• Customise UI as per your brand
• Easy to integrate with minimal code
• Auto-updates with the latest payment options
• The lightest payment SDKs around
You can have all the above-listed benefits just by paying $19.

Download the plugin

Checkout process plugin

Extra Woo Shipping Checkout Field Plugin

Extra Woo Shipping Checkout Field Plugin
Other than providing the regular features of check out process this plugin provides extra functioning as a feature to automatically add delivery date and delivery time in the checkout page. Along with at the time of checkout, it will provide options to choose Flat rate or Local pickup shipping method from another shipping method only. It also displays the order received page, order detail page, order listing from backend and into the my-account page. It can just cost you $45.

Download the plugin

• Checkout Manager
Checkout Manager allows you to add the custom filed in WooCommerce checkout page at wherever you want. It provides customization to add. edit, delete and change the display order of the filed you want. You can adjust the filed to get the desired look and feel of the checkout page. The only requirement this plugin need is installed, activated and configured WooCommerce. The premium plugin can cost you $39 for a single website.

Download the Plugin

GDPR Plugin

GDPR Compliance WordPress Plugin

• GDPR Compliance WordPress Plugin

This plugin can provide the fastest way to get your WordPress website GDPR ready. This plugin provides amazing features like Contact form 7, Cookies and data form for export and delete your personal data from the website and many more. This plugin can even help to add GDPR Compliance at WooCommerce checkout page if you are using an older version of WooCommerce except contact form 7. You can leverage all the functionality of this plugin just by simply Installing the plugin and integrating to the store. You can use this shortcode for data request form [nc_gpdr_data_request].

This plugin can cost you $21 per website.

Download the plugin

• GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce
The GDPR Cookies extension has a number of features making it simple to manage cookies, allow acceptance from website visitors, and ensure compliance with many of the GDPR requirements. This plugin provides different features as Display cookies notice if the website is accessing the cookies to all the first-timer users and allows you to add a custom message or text. It even allows you to automatically allow cookies when the user scrolls a certain distance and even tracks users activity and display it to your wooCommerce dashboard.

This plugin can cost you $49 per year.

Download the plugin

Banner Management

WooCommerce All Page Banner Management

• WooCommerce All page banner Management
This plugin allows you to manage banners for both page and category wise for your WooCommerce e-commerce store. One can simply add banner in WooCommerce e-commerce store and provide the facility to upload the banner particularly for any page, category, thank you and welcome page.

Manage Page Specific Banner: Easy to manage and use the page-specific banner and upload single and multiple banners for a specific page for shop, cart, checkout, Thank you page and many more.

Manage Category Specific Banner: Easy to manage and use the category-based banner and upload single and multiple banners for a specific category such as shop or apparel and many more as per your choice.

Add custom URL on banner images: This feature allows you to link your banner image to any internal or external URLs that can redirect customers to the landing page.

Add Single and Multiple Banner: This feature provides full authority to the store manager whether he/she wants to display single and multiple banner options according to the requirements.

You just have to pay $39 for this plugin with this much amount of amazing features.

Download the Plugin

• WooCommerce Category Banner Management

WooCommerce Category Banner Management plugin by TheDotStore is a simple plugin to add appealing banners to your wooCommerce shop pages. It provides out of the box features like auto-scheduling and creating banners particularly for product category pages.

1. Random & Slider type for Multiple Image banners
This plugin provides multiple ways to add multiple images to the banner as a random order or the slider option. That can provide multiple features like navigation, Random order display and many more.

2. Auto scheduling Banner
The plugin allows you to schedule the time period between which the banner should display. That allows you to set the starting and ending date for each banner.

3. Manage Category Specific Banner
This feature allows you to add banners specific to category pages like shoes, accessories, bags etc. You can even use these features and settings for category page banners as well.

All banner management plugin can cost you $59 per year.

Download the Plugin

Stock Management Plugin

Stock Management Plugin

• Easy stock management
Woocommerce Stock management System allows setting “Price” for each product. You can set “Sale price” for each product. You can set Quantity for each product. You can set “Weight” for each product within a single click.
Woocommerce Stock management System allows admin to update product stock details like “quantity” “weight,” regular price”,” sale price” without moving under product management using bulk action without no need to set up any configuration or shortcode.

This plugin only cost $19 per website.

Download the Plugin

• Bulk Stock Management
The bulk stock management extension provides you with a new interface that can list your products and modifications along with their stock properties.
one can easily filer the products with product type, stock management status and stock status, and ordered by name, ID, SKU or stock quantity.
One can even set the stock quantity for various products at once. They provide bulk actions for setting the stock status too.

This plugin can cost you $49 per year.

Download the Plugin


WooCommerce is one of the top e-commerce platforms you can choose from. However, when you integrate the WooCommerce e-commerce store with listed amazing plugins you can provide an effective store experience with extended functionality to your customers. WooCommerce plugin can give a much-needed boost to your e-commerce store.

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