9 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

  • April 26, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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WordPress is one of the best CMS on the internet. With WordPress, you can add designs your website with ease and create attractively and feature-filled website and customize it with a number of plugins and themes. WordPress is the most popular and widely used framework out there. A lot of websites have been created with WordPress.

In order to maintain traffic on your website, you need constant visitors and viewers to be constantly engaged on your website. What works better than a commenting plugin on your website to identify what’s really happening on your blog or website.

Comments on the blog play an important role in maintaining the engagement on your website and also keeps you engaged with your visitors, viewers or readers and also help your site rank higher in google search engines.

There are many such plugins that help your website and keep you engaged with your viewers, but in this blog, I have listed 9 best Comment plugins for WordPress which will work the best for you.

Let us have a look at these 9 Comment plugins for WordPress and discuss them thoroughly

1. Facebook comments

WordPress has a large number of plugins to comment on your content based website and Facebook comments definitely come first. With just a few clicks, WordPress lets you add Facebook comment plugins and engagements on your website. The plugin also offers built-in moderation options and multi-language support. Feel free to add this plugin to your website through your WordPress dashboard and give it a try.

2. Disqus comment system

Disqus comment system is one of the most popular and well-known comment plugins. It makes commenting easier and interactive. It offers thread commenting and provides notifications and reply through emails. It has many features such as spam filtering, blacklists and white lists, and many other powerful tools and widgets. With Disqus, you get connected to a larger community that gives your viewers extensive exposure and readership. It also has social share buttons which allow you to share the comments.

3. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is an another plugin released by Automatic, which is the team behind WordPress platform. It has some amazing and interactive features such as –

  • Its user interface is really good

  • The good developer support team
  • Automatic post schedule

  • Advertisement options and security tools

  • keeps the spammers away

Because of all these features mentioned above, Jetpack is one of the well known and widely used WordPress comment plugin used by the users globally.

4. Akismet Anti-spam

Akismet is yet another plugin by Automatic, the parent company of WordPress.com. As the name says, ‘Akismet anti-spam’, this plugin identifies the comments on your website and isolates the comments that are similar to spam and saves a lot of your time from managing comments. It is also free as it is an open source software and can be used for personal use. Although its paid versions are also available for commercial use and websites.

5. WP Advanced comment

It is a highly customizable commenting plugin, WP advanced comment gives exposure to a powerful and easy comment system based on AJAX. It is a powerful and easy to use comment system for WordPress. It has many noticeable features such as-

  • Easy to create forms with drag and drop options.

  • Available custom fields

  • Unlimited custom fields

  • comment forms

  • supports WPML

These features of WP Advanced comment makes it WP Advanced one of the best comment plugins for WordPress used by the users globally.

6. Thrive comments

Thrive comments is a relatively new plugin in the list of best comment plugins for WordPress. Thrive comments is an enhancement for the native WordPress comment system. Thrive comments integrates with the native WordPress comments system to add a new interface. It has many features such as-

  • social login for comments

  •  and down votes on comments

  • Analytics for the comment section

  • custom moderation panel

7. Replyable

Replyable is the two way email commenting for WordPress. It is a perfect plugin as it allows the users to receive an email notification. It is useful for polemical websites or the websites on which the comments are complete even much more than the original articles.

Let us conclude

Here we listed 7 best comment plugins for WordPress out of many. Out of these, you can only choose one. Take care of the plugin you choose and make sure that is the best one for you. Plugins play a vital role in adding extensive functionalities to your WordPress websites. When you publish a post, article or blog on your website, you expect the visitors of your site to leave a comment on the blog. This is the way you gather the viewer’s insight on your work. Choosing right plugin is very important for this purpose. Hence, you must not compromise with the comment plugin and must choose the one as per your requirements and your website’s suitability. So try using these amazing comment plugins for your websites through your WordPress dashboard and don’t forget to leave a comment here.

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