How AI can Enhance the Laravel Web Development

  • September 24, 2020
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How it all started?
The main focus of online businesses was delivering top-notch user experience only. Surfing through many pages to get the right product is not at all feasible for the customers. Soon they understood the glitch and started putting all their strength to develop the easiest and slickest online store design. This process gave birth to the trend of a keyword-friendly search bar. It was one of the subversive trends of e-commerce web development as it became one of the easy ways to find relevant products based on search queries. As with time and trends, the market needs changes as well. It was time to move on from keyword-friendly search bar. There were more things they should include with that. You can hire dedicated laravel developer for your project.

• Tracking buyers behaviour in an online store
• Analyzing the shopping pattern and displaying recommendation of other products to customers accordingly
• Providing with more personalized shopping experience for buyers.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence made achieving these goals more convenient. That’s the reason AI on a big hit in the e-commerce development industry. Lots of e-commerce development platform and framework has already started working n adopting it with its full potential. best Laravel development company can leverage the power of this advanced technology for a handful of online businesses.

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Integrating AI applications by using available Laravel packages can leverage multiple ways of connection such as an SDK or API. Most of AI libraries are written in Python. Developing API servers that can communicate with the Laravel database to access the data is the best way to use the necessary AI libraries. There are many ways to integrate AI with Laravel web development. 

• Develop your AI model in a proper ML library and integrate it with your online store running with Laravel PHP framework.
• Develop your online store considering micro-services architecture that can let your services interact with each other with some remote procedure call client
• You just need to implement the GRPC client to your Laravel Development Companies India so that it can communicate to the serving environment.
• You can develop your AI model in a timely manner without affecting the Laravel application

How to use Laravel framework to Build AI Applications

Proficient Laravel Development Companies India developers can use Laravel to develop Artificial Intelligence bots on Slack, Telegram, and Facebook platforms hassle-free.

Create chatbot for telegram with Laravel and BotMan
The types of bots:
• Virtual assistants
• Messaging apps

Virtual assistants are mainly controlled by machine learning. That’s the reason, it can analyze the patterns of gathered information and learn from those. On the other hand, messaging apps follow pre-programmed rules to communicate with users.

Here are some of the steps to follow to create the simple chatbots on the Telegram platform.

Step 1:Registration
To register your bot, create a Telegram bot, name it, take your own token access, and keep it in a safe place.

Step 2:Building a backend system
Here is where Laravel web development comes in the picture. build your backend system with the Laravel framework. Utilizing BotMan can simplify the development process at this stage.

You can also use an additional package such as at this stage to create a bot easily. Botman provides multiple-platform support such as Telegram, Slack, Nexmo, chat, etc. as well as comes with the boilerplate project in Laravel.

Step 3:
TestingAfter finishing the developing process, do the test run. After entering the “test” the bot should respond “Hello!”.

You can even build some more public API to make your bot and other AI-based application more useful.

How AI can be beneficial for your online business sales?

Retarget potential customers
AI can help you to anticipate the potential buyers and offer them special discounts by targeting them at their most likely buying time. The face of marketing and sales is changing rapidly with the changing needs of the business. AI leverage business to read the mind of customers and targeting them using the various retargeting methods. It can be the next new trend of remarketing.

Identify exceptional target prospects
Integration of AI and e-commerce platforms can solve business challenges like a lead generation to recommendations to CRM systems. AI helps to capture the data that can convert into significant leads. AL can help you to identify high-quality prospects for the sales team as a competitive advantage to get the business. Implementation of AI in the online store can gather store and deliver millions of potential customer records. A human limitation can be the barrier to manage this amount of data without the support of AI and ML.

Create a more efficient sales process
The days are gone when one used to reach buyers via called calling. Social media platforms have replaced the place of advertisements on TV or billboards. Leveraging AI in advertisements can establish as a viable sales and marketing tool, opening up new opportunities. AI provides an opportunity to tailor down the process of traditional marketing and provide the right time, right platform to target the right potential buyers. Integration of AI in the CRM of your online business can even multitask to handle the functions as answer customer queries, solve their problems and even identify new opportunities for the sales and more. AI is a better way to understand buyers behaviour and enable online shoppers to discover their perfect product. AI has started making an impact on the sales process find perfect matches based on real-time customer input and its own research gaining faster access to information and harnessing employees’ talent for better use.

Improved Buyers Recommendation

Artificial Intelligence allows online business to examine through petabytes of data to prognosticate customer behaviour and suggest nothing but the appropriate and helpful recommendations to individual buyers more effectively and efficiently. If you want to deliver a personalized shopping experience to your buyers than this sort of intelligence is necessary. AI gathers all the relevant data of buyer’s behaviour, analyse it and deliver them a more personalized product recommendation. The AI algorithm requires various inputs, including account information, buyers behaviour & patterns, buying history, third-party data and contextual information. AI majorly focus on ‘hyper personalisation’ to facilitate genuine consumer behaviour to make the prediction of customer behaviour by analyzing the gargantuan amounts of data collected from targeted devices, geographical boundaries, age group and so on. The recommendation process utilizes AI according to preferences.

Wrapping up

This technical age has welcomed AI more than ever. AI-driven platforms have become the necessitate of the e-commerce Industry. No matter how successful your online business can be but having it without integrating AI can fail your online business at any time. Whether you want to develop a new online store or thinking it to modernizing it with the new trends, Best Laravel Development Company can help and guide you to dominate the world of e-commerce with Artificial Intelligence.

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