Death of Codeigniter web development; Is that true?

  • September 28, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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As being eternally in love with the programming languages, I usually get in a discussion about how PHP frameworks are dying. But, for me, that’s a myth. So, here I am clearing the cloud about how beneficial PHP framework can be.

How one should choose a framework?
Business owners should choose the framework keeping the purpose of development in mind as requirements, size and sector of business. The final outcome should not differ from the requirements. The process flow of development should be designed by keeping the perks and cons of the framework. Business analysts and designers should sit together to enounce process steps elaborately. Every framework has it’s own perks and cons that can deliver a kind of application that can automate a specific set of activities.

Is Codeigniter Dead??
The simple straight-forward answer is NO. The Codeigniter development company developers are using the latest libraries build with top MVC architecture to develop responsive mobile applications since the past decade. As everyone knows, Codeigniter is built upon the fundamental level PHP MVC framework thus provides the capability of a fair share of deliverables that are more mature and conventional enrich with less complexity. Let’s see what makes me say this.

1. multi-disciplinary development
There is numerous Open-source framework available to design and develop customized websites at a pocket-friendly cost, but not all of them provide the copious versatility. Top Codeigniter Development Company India proved it wrong providing hassle-free web development. Codeigniter development company utilizes its expertise, components of Codeigniter to build a web application for clients as per their requirements. It has an in-built set of tools and functionalities to develop fast and cost-effective multi-disciplinary solutions. Codeigniter is flexible enough to work on any platform or operating system. Codeigniter web development self-sustaining, well manageable and presents the same level of user experience.

2. Love from Programmer
The reason why the Codeigniter Development Services is the love of web programmers is it’s convenient and easy to access documentation system. It provides developers with a running approach to writing code lines with its brief documentation. In the CodeIgniter site, There is no obligation to handle Template Engine From time to time, it is enhanced by prolonging various plug-ins from first source team. Already hundreds of existing websites have resulted on the world wide web. You have the freedom to create better content layouts.

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3. No urge of development from group up
Building a website from scratch requires Red herring efforts and extensive hours that can deliver just a simple website. Employing CodeIgniter’s rich echelon of tools can provide a comprehensive range of code events and functionalities that the developer can utilize for the easy development process. CodeIgniter helps to develop a prosaic, high level and excellent software e-commerce web solution.

4. Save time and cost
Codeigniter Development Companies India offers a wide array of ready-made utility programs with zero configurations solicit framework at free of cost all in no time, effortlessly. The improperly formed codebase can result in a misbehaving system under specific circumstances or inputs. But, integrating tested fragments of code from upgraded versions of the Codeigniter framework can ensure website owners with enhanced security resulting it into improved ROI. Hire CodeIgniter Developers exceptionally control well-appointed methods, packages and routines that perform desired in day-to-day workings.

5. comfortable support for Digital Marketing
The platform has to be reliable for a powerful online presence. It doesn’t matter how great look and feel your website has unless customers can not found it. Thus, CodeIgniter provides basic digital marketing support to rank your website above the competition for customers to visit. If your framework couldn’t provide this much facility than it’s time to reconsider your choice of the perfect framework.

Purpose of development
CodeIgniter provides a one-stop solution to develop a web application for many industries. No matter what you require an e-commerce website or social media platforms like Reddit or an article directory, CodeIgniter provides end-to-end support for the development process. CodeIgniter allows the integration of branded databases and multiple servers to provide faster connectivity. Codeigniter provides a wide range of cost-free extensions and third-party tool integration to deal with payment gateways efficiently.

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