How to Use Shopify’s Blog Platform to Grow your eCommerce Store?

  • May 30, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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Whenever you think of having an online store, it’s important to first attract traffic to the website because that’s how people will come to know about your website and its products. Getting traffic and attention to your store is one of the first steps before getting sales conversions. This applies to eCommerce stores developed in Shopify as well as other eCommerce platforms.

If you don’t get enough traffic on your site, you will not get leads or even customers. Even if you get traffic, the job is not done there. Getting traffic is not tough, traffic that converts is tough. No matter how many visitors visit your website but if they’re not buying anything from your online store then your website isn’t efficient.

In this post, we are going to suggest some ways you can use your Shopify blog platform to attract more visitors and draw in more new customers in your Shopify store.

Read on for some ideas that you can immediately use:


1. Attracting New Customers by Blogging

The main purpose of a blog on your website is to attract new customers. Every time you publish content or an article, it needs to be engaging enough that it encourages readers to buy your products and services. Moreover, it helps in improving your website’s visibility. In order to get more readers, the article has to be written with good quality search engine optimization practices in mind. This can help your website rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.. But a blog won’t help you much if your site is slow loading or has multiple crashes as these can also affect your ranking in search engines. So make sure to write such engaging and new content that attracts customers and help your website rank higher in Google search engines.

2. Blog Can Boost Your SEO traffic

One major importance of using Shopify’s built-in blogging system is that since it’s on the same domain as your store, it will be easy to manage SEO. It is important with blogging that your blog posts attract attention and links. In general, if your blog posts become popular and get more visitors and likes and shares, your store will gain more trust.

3. Building a Relationship With Your Customers

It’s becoming popular for companies and businesses these days to use relationship marketing to build a better and long-term relationship with its customers. A blog is a great platform and a tool for relationship marketing as you can use it to post news articles and useful information related to your field of study. you can also create that are tailored for your audience.

All this will really help build customer loyalty as your customers will start putting their trust on your website for useful information which they can also share with their family and friends. This will ultimately benefit you and your website as will lead you to more customers and of course, more sales!

4. Adding a Blog Section to Your eCommerce Website

The top eCommerce platforms in the world such as Shopify come with a lot of blogging features that can easily be integrated into eCommerce websites. The Shopify online store also comes up with blogging software by default. You can use that to manage your blog through a custom dashboard. The Shopify default blog is called news. Whenever you want to add a new blog, you can do it from the admin page.

5. Customizing Shopify Blog

Themes in the Shopify theme store is required to have a blog template so that you can have a nicely designed blog that you can use. A designer who is a Shopify expert can help you change the design easily. For customizations, there are many Shopify apps that can be used to customize the blog. Finally, since the blogs are regular template files, you can always add Javascript some ways you can use your Shopify site to attract more visitors and draw in more new customers in your store.

6. Promote Featured Blog Post

When one post does better than the other posts in your site, it brings in a lot of traffic as well as helps in driving sales of the eCommerce site. When a post does better, you need to make it easily accessible for the customers. Using the Shopify theme, a featured blog post can be seen on your store’s homepage. Shopify blogs can also integrate other standard content management functionality as well.


The points mentioned above were some ways you can use your Shopify site to attract more visitors and draw in more new customers in your store. Now that you have understood how important it is to use a blog to grow your eCommerce business and customer base. It’s just time to start writing now! The right content can do wonders for you and a blog can help you more than you think.

The mentioned above were the points we think are the best for Shopify site to attract more visitors but if you know of any more ways, they’re welcome. Don’t hesitate in sharing those points with us in the comment section below.

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