Magento Security Tips to Keep Your eCommerce Store Safe and Secure

  • June 27, 2019
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Magento is a popular name in eCommerce store development industry as it has regular updates and uncountable features. It is used widely globally and has become one of the topmost eCommerce platforms. The best thing about Magento ecommerce store development is its out-of-the-box security of the platform. Unlike other platforms, Magento has inbuilt security feature into the core of the eCommerce platform.

Security is the main feature when it comes to any eCommerce platform. Store owners always want to ensure that their site is secured enough and free from any threats and attacks.

If anyone is thinking about starting an eCommerce store in 2019, their first choice is Magento. But not many know that Magento offers splendid security practices also which makes it even more preferable for online stores.

A secured eCommerce website is a trusted website. Trust is everything. Until and unless the users won’t trust you, they will not come back to your website. It’s important to keep your website safe from any threats and attacks.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the Magento security tips to keep your website safe and secure. So let us begin!

1. Always Use the Latest Magento Version

It is always important to be alert about the latest versions that are being launched by the Magento community. Many times you will be told that the recent version is not the best because the people think that the latest version of Magento is not secure. Though it’s true to some extent, developers usually fix previous Magento security issues in the new releases. Hence it is essential to keep a check on the recent updates and versions.

2. Use Two-factor Authentication

In today’s world, a secure Magento password is just not enough. To reduce attacks, it is better to use two-factor authentication for your Magento site security. Magento 2 offers an excellent two-factor authentication extension which provides a layer of protection to your site.

There are other Magento extensions too that deliver two-factor authentication so you don’t have to worry about password-related Magento security risks anymore.

3. Use Secure FTP

One of the most common methods to hack a site is by guessing FTP passwords. To prevent this from happening with you, it’s important that you use secure passwords and secure FTP that stands for secure file transfer protocol which uses a key file for decryption or authenticating a user.

4. Have an Active Backup Plan

Although it is great that you take strict measures for Magento security, but it is also important to have a functioning backup plan. Due to any reason if your website gets hacked or if it crashes, a backup plan will come to your rescue and make sure that you don’t get any interruption.

You can prevent the loss of data by storing files on an off-site location or by arranging for backups through an online backup provider.

5. Prevent MySQL Injection

Magento provides excellent support to protect its website from any SQL injections attack with its newer versions but one must not completely rely on them. We suggest that you add web application firewalls such as NAXSI (Nginx Anti XSS & SQL Injection) to keep your site and customers safe.

6. Get in Touch With the Magento Community

Magento has a wide community of techies who are always there to assist you in the time of need. When you come across any issue regarding any security issue of Magento or its features. The Magento members try to solve all your queries on various versions of Magento, so look out for those as well.

7. Invest in a Sound Hosting Plan

Shared hosting is a cheap plan for any eCommerce business. For Magento startups, shared hosting seems like a good option. However, investing in shared hosting means you are compromising on Magento store security.

Managed Magento hosting platforms can be your best choice that guarantees robust security and higher performance.


No matter what platform it is, no platform is 100% secure but there are some tips with which you can reduce the security risks that your website is about to face. In this blog, we have discussed some tips for safe and secure Magento website which can help you reduce the security risks to some extent. Follow these tips and you will definitely see a change. Apart from the ones mentioned here, do you know of other tips as well? If yes, please do share with us your views, ideas or ask if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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