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  • July 8, 2019
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With PSD to WordPress, you get a fully functional WordPress theme. The conversion is an effective and popular web development technique. With PSD to WordPress theme conversion, you can get a unique and robust website that help you grow your business rapidly. WordPress has many themes that you can download for free. WordPress is not just a blogging platform; it has become a CMS platform lately.

WordPress is very popular and has more traffic compared to other CMS.

Transforming a PSD file to WordPress has several benefits but it’s not a simple task but it can be made easy if you find some time to learn about the steps involved in converting PSD to WordPress theme.

In this blog, we will discuss the steps that have to be performed in order to convert PSD into a WordPress theme.

In order to understand the conversion, let’s first know what PSD is.

PSD is a Photoshop document created by Adobe Photoshop. This file can be valuable for WordPress developers who want to create their customized design. This file can be easily opened in Photoshop and further editing can be carried out. In general, PSD to WordPress conversion means the integration of PSD design in WordPress themes.

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Let us check these steps:

1. PSD Analysis

in the very first step, you have to analyze the PSD file that you want to convert into WordPress. Also, comprehend the complications/ challenges that you might face during the conversion. You should be clear about all the steps you are going to perform such as developing the HTML and CSS files, putting CSS codes, images, title, header, and footer.

2. PSD Slicing

in the next step, the PSD files are sliced into many layers with the help of image editing tool like Photoshop. Once PSD slicing is done, you can put or remove text boxes, buttons, and links.

3. Develop The HTML and CSS Files

in this step, you have to move ahead on the programming phase. You need to create HTML and CSS file for webpage coding designing the code. You need to create separate files for HTML, CSS and PHP codes with extensions for HTML as home.html and for CSS as stylesheet.css to save these files, you can use some tools like notepad or some other programming editor.

4. PSD Integration

This is by far the toughest step and it requires the technical expertise of programming. In this step, the sliced PSD file is coded with HTML/CSS that makes your PSD design live. If you miss this step, your PSD files will be incapable of being run on the world wide web without being converted into any web format.

5. WordPress Integration

This step is one of the most important steps for creating great WordPress themes. Once you code your PSD design into HTML, the next step is the integration of HTML/CSS with WordPress. This step requires extra care because when you do this step perfectly, the outcome will be amazingly designed WordPress themes.

6. Themes Testing

Once you convert your PSD designs into WordPress themes, you have to make sure that the themes you have designed are accessing perfectly on all the major browsers and search engines like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. In order to make the WordPress themes compatible and universally reachable, you need to perform proper testing of the web theme.

7. Add WordPress Functionalities

Once you have already converted PSD themes into WordPress, if you want to have an improvement in your website, you can add some more functionalities to your theme.


The complete process of converting PSD themes to WordPress themes is quite simple if you follow the steps mentioned above. Although the conversion can be tricky, if you follow the right steps, nothing is tougher. Although it is not advisable to create such websites on your own. You can hire professionals who will get the task done for you. The steps mentioned in this blog are the most common and basic steps but there can be more steps too. If you want to share any ideas, share them with us in the comment section below. For further assistance, feel free to contact us, write to us or call us. We are here to assist you.

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