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  • October 5, 2015
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WordPress is currently the most famous content management system which rolled out as a blogging platform and CMS. WordPress has become the most reliable and trusted powerful website development platform as well. There are several plugins, themes, and extensions built by a strong development community to support WordPress.

Latest versions are rolled out periodically and up to date features are added to incorporate the newer technologies like mobile platform and more. As WordPress is an open source system, it offers a variety of tools using which developers can enhance their skills, development process and deliver projects much faster. Whether it is testing posts, regenerating images, or creating option pages, the list is unending and room for growth is unlimited. Most of us have heard about these tools, but very few know or have incorporated these tools in their development.

(A) Building Websites Made Easy with WordPress Browser Plugins

There are several small and large browser plugin tools which help in editing the HTML and CSS websites. By using these tools one can debug Javascripts directly from the browser window. Use the right click option and select the inspect element from the menu. Some of the major tools are:

  1. Firebug

The most common and well-known WordPress extension which is also the favourite of all developers and designers – Firebug, has almost all the required features using which you can edit, make live changes to any website page. Those who choose the Firebug extension, they also add the Codeburner, which is an extension that helps in adding reference materials for HTML and CSS.

  1. Web Developer

For those who are looking for a decent extension for responsive design, Web Developer offers an array of development options to Firefox. Using Web Developer extension, it is easier to customize the size of the browser window as per the requirements.

  1. WordPress Website Management

For most, logging in and out from several WordPress websites can be annoying, so in order simplify the process, the WordPress website manager provides you the direct access to the main page of all the websites. It stores the login credentials and adds extra features to the WordPress editor.

(B) Enhancing WordPress Website Designs

Attractive website design is an imperative part of any development process, including functionalities and features. Using the tools given below, one can easily convert unappealing websites into great creations.

  1. Pictura

If you are looking for a tool which can help you with the accessibility of image database to enhance the quality and design of the websites then Pictura is the right extension. It enables you to get access to the Flickr database and you can choose the image of your choice by locating the image license. It is a source of free images which has several options different types of images.

  1. Font Awesome

If you are not satisfied with the images or quality of images available with the above extension, you can evaluate the Font Awesome. This extension offers you access to the library of pictograms from where you can download the entire stack and scale the vector icons as per the requirements. You can also customize the vector icons as per your choice using CSS.

  1. Impulse

Adding animated graphics and dynamic physics animations makes the website more attractive and good looking. Whether it is springing, falling, bouncing or accelerating, there are several options to move the object on screen as per your requirements.

(C) Speed Up Your Development

Coding the crucial part of the WordPress Website Development process which also can be considered as the heart of the website. Using the proper WordPress tools, you can not only enhance the development process, but also speed up the coding.

  1. WebStorm

If you are looking for a tool which can help you with the code auto completion and on-the fly fault detection then WebStorm is the best tool. It was originally rolled out for Javascript, but it also works for HTML and CSS. This tool is not available for free, but you can evaluate it by downloading the 30-day trial version.

  1. Synchi

It is not necessary that an IDE has to be an external applications, one can create the same in the WordPress using Synchi. With the help of this plugin, you can have powerful development features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion and more.

  1. Codekit

The Codekit is application is speacially designed and developed to help developers fasten their process. It has several pre-processing languages and features to refresh browsers across various devices for testing. If you are looking optional tool, then go for Prepros.

(D) Simplifying the Debugging Process

i. Debug Bar

After installing the Debug Bar on the WordPress site, a new debug menu will be added to the admin bar which will display query, cache and information related to debugging. This plugin has been developed by the WordPress community so you can expect a high quality.

ii. Theme Check

For checking the theme, you can use the Theme Check automated testing tool which helps in ensuring that the latest practices and standards are followed.

Apart from the tools discussed in the above list, there are several other tools available for WordPress website for testing and enhancing productivity. It is not necessary that you have to install all the plugins or extensions, but choose the one which best suits your requirements. If you need any assistance with the development or enhancement of wordpress websites, then you contact us at

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