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  • December 9, 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrilled the business world like never before. The pandemic has delivered many behavioural changes that are likely to continue even in the post-pandemic world. Many businesses have started shifting their ancestral physical stores to online to fulfil to the growing requirements of the customers and the situation. For a flourishing e-commerce venture, one necessitates the understanding of the current circumstances and trends in the market.

You need to choose the right B2B eCommerce platform to keep up with the modern pace and have a successful business. There can be confusion about features you should opt for your store development. Here is the list of major features you can ask your NopCommerce development company to provide.

Must-Have Features of every B2B e-commerce platform

There are thousands of B2B eCommerce platforms with advanced functionalities and work uniquely. Most of them should meet the following.

Hassle-free Operations

a. Efficiency of navigation – The B2B consumers should be capable enough to use the NopCommerce platform for problem-solving without asking for continuous support from the professional teams. One can easily operate their account and access the shipping and order details on their own. NopCommerce development services provide a high-quality search characteristic so that it becomes easy to handle and find the relevant product.

b. Access Control Choices – There is a precise access control alternatives for diverse users with a diverse set of permissions and access levels. Store admins have the authority to create and access permissions to various users.

c. Functionality – There could be many different needs of B2B store owners as purchase approvals, longer buying cycles, bulk inventory orders, recurring orders, and more. NopCommerce development company can fulfil each requirement of your B2B needs.

d. Product Catalog Management – The biggest hurdle of any B2B store owner is to manage the Product Catalogue. It could be a headache when each supplier has a different format. thus the B2B store owner has to provide permission to customize the product catalogue that he would be able to manage easily. NopCommerce development services provide a facility to manage the customized catalogue easily.

e. Responsive design – NopCommerce development company developers build websites that work absolute perfect across devices and browsers so that your B2B customers who usually shop on their preferable devices to find the products, compare the price, and to buy the specific products.

f. Pricing – B2B platform demands customer-specific pricing for each of your customers. Lower costs guarantees repeat customers to your business.

g. Payment options – B2B businesses typically involve bulk orders. Thus it directly reflects the payment options. NopCommerce platform offers a flexible and robust enough to manage complex pricing alternatives for different business vendors. It also allows you to create coupon codes and membership options that attract the customers and drive sales for a specific customer base.

h. Branding – In today’s world, building and managing the online brand presence builds trust among your customer base. Your choice of B2B website building platform should support designing a logo, various colours, fonts, design styles that can help you generate a brand logo to differentiate you from others.

Customer Satisfaction

Store owners can enhance the customer satisfaction ratio providing the user-friendly navigation, hassle-free transactions, product reviews, user-generated content that can provide overall seamless shopping experience. This also strengthens your business prominence.

a. Community Support – Businesses that provide great community support and proactive discussion forums assures to increase customer trust. NopCommerce development services provide Chatbots, live chat options, dedicated support for store owners to provide overall customer satisfaction.

b. Tutorial Videos and blogs – The complex business tend to need Educational blogs and tutorial videos that can enlighten the customers about the business, technological trends, best trends and how one can help them.

c. Privacy – NopCommerce provides the GDPR-compliant only to secure the customers’ data. This is a non-ignorable feature that upheld the privacy of customers data that you might hold.

Built-in Marketing Tools

The secret of a successful business is a proper marketing strategy in place. You can leverage the following built-in tools to enhance your online presence.

a. Email Marketing – The business should automate the process and send welcome emails, discount related emails, signups, follow-up emails and more that assures the customer about your presence and also decreases cart abandonment rate.

b. SEO Plugins – NopCommerce development provides the SEO services that suggest the keywords, alt tags, meta descriptions, optimized images etc. resulting improvement in the website presence in search engines.

c. Multi-channel Marketing – NopCommerce development platform is intuitive, synchronizes the data overall platforms and manages a consistent status everywhere.

d. Analytic Tools – You can track and understand the customer behaviour and trace their shopping journey with the built-in and external analytical tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and many more. It provides the whole picture of the various touchpoints in the customer journey showing the flaws from your end. These insights help to reduce your loopholes to make better revenue-generating decisions.

Geographical boundary-less Business

a. Pricing – NopCommerce development services allow the integration of multiple payment gateways. This feature provides them with the facility to use native currency options for their shopping.

b. Multilingual – The B2B business needs multilingual support for global business exposure. It allows the business to target the global audiences in their native language that make them feel more secure.

c. Customization – If you want your business to stand out from the crowd provide the customization opportunity. It can help you to create a great impression among your customers. NopCommerce development company increases the reach of your business, shrinking the setup process with the versatility to access both the frontend and backend to squeeze the functionality if required.

d. Multi-national & Multi-store – Most of the business operations across different countries following various currencies and tax regulations. NopCommerce web development services provide the built-in features that enlarge the store functionality and build multi-stores that offers special promotions for different targeted audience segments. NopCommerce also offers the multi-vendor functionality that allows the business owners to manage multiple vendors using a single admin console.

NopCommerce web development is not only fully furnished with all the available features but also provide s flexible and scalable web store that can offer the customers any on-demand functionality. These scalability features of any B2B platform will put you ahead in the competition.

This key consideration can clear your doubts about what you should expect from the right B2B E-commerce platform and how NopCommerce can fulfil all the needs. If you have any doubts about the web development over sales executive will be more than happy to help you out. You can reach us via the contact us form.

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