Seven Top Reasons Why You Should Use CodeIgniter For Your Next Development Project

  • December 23, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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If you want to develop high-performance web applications that are simple and avoid complexity, then you must think about CodeIgniter. This platform is the most appropriate MVC framework presently that creates full-featured web applications.

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework that has a very small footprint. You can easily approach a CodeIgniter development Company for developing your web app. CodeIgniter is built for those developers who require a simple and elegant toolkit for building full-featured applications. Since the entire source code of CodeIgniter takes up only around 2MB, it simplifies several tasks such as deployment and updating. Today, many top CodeIgniter development companies exist in India for CodeIgniter development. Let us look at some of the reasons why you should use CodeIgniter for your next development project:

1. Simpler and Agile

CodeIgniter takes custom PHP web application development to the next level. Since CodeIgniter deploys a simpler and agile approach, it can be used for crafting intuitive solutions. It comes with an easy-to-understand interface so that the website can be built with simplicity and ease. 

2. Custom Framework

Since CodeIgniter is a custom framework, you get top-notch programming functionalities that help you to develop web applications rapidly. The framework provides out-of-the-box libraries so that you can connect to the database easily to perform various operations such as sending emails, managing sessions, uploading files and others.

3. Faster Loading

CodeIgniter is very fast to load. It saves a lot of system resources compared to other modern frameworks. Besides, CodeIgniter offers comparatively much better performance than its counterparts. Version 3 offers better performance than its predecessor version 2. The query builder methods are improvised while the library files have now been improved by adding APC and Memcache library. Version 3 of CodeIgniter offers better database performance.

4. Better Security

Since security is a key concern for internet-enabled applications, version 2 and up of CodeIgniter offer built-in security protection that offers protection against malware. CodeIgniter offers XSS filtering to protect it against issues like cross-site scripting. These days, third-party integration is considered vital for the success of a website. Third-party integration files may be in the format of XML, API or JSON. It is possible to add any number of third-party integrations with third-party libraries to this flexible framework.

5. MVC architecture

Moreover, the PHP CodeIgniter framework uses the MVC architecture, which is now the industry standard that separates business logic, data, and presentation. CodeIgniter comes with excellent documentation and quite a lot of tutorials and forums exist on how to work with this framework. Chances are that if you encounter a problem, someone else has already encountered it and the solution to it already exists out there. Mastering CodeIgniter is easy if you are already familiar with PHP. It has a short learning curve and soon you can start developing like a pro using CodeIgniter.

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6. Advanced programming features

CodeIgniter consists of a custom framework that offers you a top-of-the-range suite of programming functionalities. This allows you to implement code intuitively. The configuration is also not necessary. So, it becomes easier to develop programs from scratch. You also get to develop applications with much lesser effort than required on another platform.

7. No operational issues

Code developed with the help of professional CodeIgniter web development teams is usually free from operational issues. Other frameworks typically lag in this aspect. Updating CodeIgniter code is also much easier than compared to other updating code of other frameworks. It is also easier to create source modules that can be used comprehensively to create other modules.

Today, the world is witnessing the advancement of web development at a very rapid pace. There is enough room for businesses that want to expand and increase their revenue base. We are a top CodeIgniter development company in India that is available for CodeIgniter projects at affordable costs compared to a similar Codeigniter development company in the USA. For those professionals who want to go for CodeIgniter Development Services, it is recommended they move to CodeIgniter today.

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