NopCommerce 4.3: The Newer The Better

  • May 20, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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A few days back NopCommerce team has dropped the biggest news for NopCommerce development companies. NopCommerce has introduced the latest version of NopCommerce “NopCommerce 4.3”. They have released the latest version on 18th May 2020. They have introduced many highlights for this version. They have fixed many bugs that were existed in the previous version.

Highlights of NopCommerce 4.3
• Significant performance enhancement.
The Caching system is one of the main concerns of NopCommerce. In this latest version, NopCommerce has revised the caching system passed away from Entity Framework. Resolving the caching system has introduced NopCommerce 4.3 as the fastest version of NopCommerce ever!

• Upgrade to .NET Core 3.1.
Cutting-edge and the latest technologies are one of the significations of NopCommerce. You can have the privilege of higher performance and security level with the usage of NopCommerce 4.3.

• MySQL support.
One of the most demanding features is now at your service. NopCommerce e-commerce store Development Company can use NopCommerce with MySQL.

• Facebook Pixel.
Tracking your website visitors’ actions, optimize ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website can be done now using the Facebook pixel plugin.

These are just the highlights of the latest version. Here are some of the improvements you are going to see and feel while developing with the help of NopCommerce 4.3.

Improvements of NopCommerce 4.3

• ShipStation plugin
• Admin area (KendoUI) localization and globalization
• The product info page consists of “Estimate shipping” and “Delivery date” info.
• In-store pickup on the shipping method page
• Customers>>Newsletter Checkbox to Kendo UI MultiSelect
• Payments.Square – Multistore Support
• Admin Area>>Tax Categories Name – Multilingual support
• Tax settings. Move “Prices include tax” to “Common” block
• Recovering password show error or redirect when link expired instead of the blank page
• Adding a blog post. Enable “Include in sitemap” by default
• Do not hard-code locales on forums
• When you have only one store “registered in the store label will be hidden.
• PayPal Smart Payment Buttons
• Add “basic/advanced” mode to the store details page
• In the admin area, you will be able to Display both “title” and “system name” for topics
• Docker config file update
In short, NopCommerce 4.3 can be boon for Top NopCommerce Development Company. It can help developers to reach the client’s requirements with minimum errors and time.

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