NopCommerce V/s. Shopify – Which Open-Source Ecommerce Solution Would You Prefer?

  • October 9, 2019
  • Ashish Shah
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Are you looking for the best e-commerce tool to grow in ecommerce market? If yes, then you better research and find out the best tool. This guide is all about offering you best NopCommerce V/s. Shopify comparison guide, so that you can make right decision and choose the right solution as per your requirements.No doubt, both are the good platforms and help set up your ecommerce website in an amazing manner. Both have some similarities and differences as well. One can hire dedicated nopcommerce developer OR hire dedicated shopify developer.


NopCommerce is an open-source platform, and you can download and use it for free. The software and code required to run/install this platform are also free. You need to pay for website development and hosting cost. You need to look for the best NopCommerce Development Company that can offer you best solution.

You have to spend a few bucks for advanced assistance. You have to pay some bucks for support, and it may hurt you, so this platform is not cheaper in long run.

If we talk about Shopify is not a free platform, and you have to pay monthly fees for transactions and subscriptions as well. You can access to excellent platforms named “Software-as-a-Service” that works great. Building an ecommerce website is simple with this platform, and it’s a simple process.

You need to spend on marketing team. Development cost will be minimal. You will learn how to set up website on your won. You need not be a professional developer or a technical person to develop website using Shopify platform. It can be cheaper option in long run.


There are so many queries arise when you use any of the platforms. Both platforms offer the required support via forums, company team, and more.

NopCommerce is open-source, and its ecosystem and community are larger as compared to Shopify so it provides a paid support. Shopify does not offer paid support whole year support is available in its pricing.

User Experience

Most of the people who have already used this platform think as it is a great platform and easiest cart for the people with less technical skills. This is easy as it offers website building tools that are simple to use, and people can customize their stores using these tools. On the other hand, if you choose nopCommerce, you may have to hire NopCommerce Development Company in India. It may take some time to understand it and get familiar with it.

This platform offers rich functionality, and it is designed to facilitate all sized online stores to be it medium or large. If we talk about admin panel, then this is friendly, and it provides documentation too. It offers more in-built features so you can get rid of the hassle of installing extra plug-ins now and then. You can look for the best company that can offer NopCommerce web development services.

Both platforms are popular and have their pros and cons. You need to analyze your requirements and then choose platform wisely.

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