The Call for Customize Checkout Page for Shopify Web Development

  • September 8, 2020
  • Ashish Shah
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The page who gets a little attention from any developer or store owner is the checkout page. In opposition, the checkout page is one of the most important pages of any e-commerce store. Imperfectly maintained checkout page can increase the bounce rate and cart abandon rate. But that doesn’t mean you throw a ton of out of the box solutions to customize your checkout page. It can be unnecessarily complex, can cause you to run into problems, and still may not give you the user-friendly checkout experience that your business needs. Alternatively, you can use a completely custom checkout app for your Shopify web development store.

Advantages of custom Shopify Checkout Page

1. A dedicated Checkout Interface
You never go ahead with extensive design work and A/B testing on your main website, then why not your check out page? Design the checkout page the same way you design any other page. You can create a checkout page that more closely matches your main storefront and customize it based on metrics with the help of a custom Shopify checkout app.

2. Payment Options and CRM integration
It can be extremely helpful using various payment gateways, allowing more methods of payment, and integrating your preferred CRM to enhance the checkout experience, especially for subscription-based stores.

3. Custom Upsells, Cross-Sells and Thank You Pages
Collaborating with multiple third-party apps to provide a seamless buying experience can be complicated. Rather, you can build cross-sells that customers can add to their order without creating a separate purchase, or hit them up to a premium item, directly from the checkout page. Missing on opportunity from customers who have abandoned one thing but can convert later on is usually overlooked! It’s all part of the checkout process or cross-sells and moreover “thank you” page after they complete their checkout process.

4. One Page Checkout
One page check-out process is a must to provide a contoured experience and less time to evaluate before their purchase to customers. Top Shopify development company India can provide the customization on the number of pages, or easy integration process a one-click checkout process as you desire according to your requirements.

5. Adding Trust
Trust indicators are the valuable thing, but flooding your page with trust badge can be more sketchy it seems. It can be as simple as tweaking the order and way in which it collects information or adding trust badges. As an example, if you go shopping in the mall and while submitting your bags at the counter, they say, “So that you know, we won’t look into your bags.” It can be suspicious, right? Just the same, adding more trust badges at the checkout can divert your customers. Rather, you can provide them with multiple payment options. The more payment options you provide, the more trust you will get. Tone it down a little, and it can also let the customer know you have plenty of payment options. Another reason buyers usually trust a website with more payment options is they can get the payment options they are more familiar with or use it whether it is COD or GooglePay. The best indicators of trust for your e-commerce store, be it flashy or subtle, can make a tremendous difference for buyers and even on your ROI.

6. Custom Messages in Checkout for Certain Products
Displaying any urgent warning messages as cookie usage or low stock warnings, sales, or other messages that can be important for buyers related to individual products or product groups at any step of the checkout process is mandatory to show and in other words, it is wise to display. It can be your own way to stay connected to the customers.

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7. The alternative for Shopify Plus
Having a custom checkout may indicate you may not need to upgrade to Shopify Advanced or even Plus, which currently costs around $2000 a month. If there’s any checkout related feature you would necessitate to upgrade to get, you can just hire dedicated shopify developer to replace the checkout entirely. If you need plus, a custom checkout could compensate for itself within a year easily.

8. Split Testing
You’re going to have so many choices to customize your checkout, you might not understand what’s best right away, and you’ll require to utilize to split testing. You can apply split testing without a custom Shopify checkout, but it’s way more manageable and more efficient practicing the checkout into your own ways, and you’ll be able to use third-party A/B testing tools more conveniently.

How it’s done
First, you need to redirect the buyers to a checkout page further of your store, hosted on a subdomain to get it to develop with the normal domain name, delivering a seamless experience to the customer. You can collect the cart data from the Shopify API and pass it to your custom app. After collecting the address and payment information, you can send it through the payment gateway. After a successful transaction, send the information back to the Shopify’s database through the API.

Whether it’s a custom checkout that can fit your requirements or something beyond, we can do either here at NCode technologies. If you’re interested in getting a Best Shopify store development company for the upcoming or existing project, get in touch with us.

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